Dr. Jennifer Walden Innovates in Cosmetic Surgery

It is one thing to excel in a field. It is another thing all together to actually be so good at one’s job that she actually changes the way the activity is done. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone that is one of the latter. She has worked so hard at her craft that she has made a name for herself. Among the things that she has done was do a lot of research on everything related to cosmetic surgery so that she can come up with a solution that is an improvement to the services already offered. Therefore, she is considered one of the most innovative surgeons in her field.


During her career as a cosmetic surgeon, she has looked at different ways that she could improve the procedure. She has also made an impact in the industry on other ways. For one thing, she has brought back silicone implants. She has also looked at different ways to provide cosmetic surgery in ways that reduce the likelihood of side effects. The improvements in procedure also lowers the recovery time. Her methods were so effective that she has written new textbooks for students to learn from. This is how effective she was in cosmetic surgery.


After such a successful run in New York, Dr. Jennifer Walden has decided to go back to her home town in Austin, TX. This is so that she could be with her family. After all, one of the most important things to the average person is family. This is one of the reasons that she was able to run a successful career. She was motivated partly by the love she had for her sons. She is also someone that is willing to encourage her children to be successful in any field that they decide to take on for their careers.

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