Don’t Be Fooled By Others, Sergio Cortes Is The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

A person can go to certain places around the world and find someone trying to imitate Michael Jackson, even though Michael Jackson passed years ago. Michael Jackson is a star who will forever be imitated, maybe even 100 years into the future when his generation has passed and gone. Michael Jackson is a person who made timeless music, and the amount of fans that Michael gained in his lifetime is unprecedented. Although many speak of certain bands and other artists in history that were great, none are as well known or as well accomplished as Michael Jackson.

It’s because of Michael’s success, as well as the fact that he was an amazing person who was generous, why many have chosen to imitate the star. Sergio Cortes was a teenager when he wanted to imitate Michael Jackson, and Sergio set out to do just that. Sergio didn’t simply curl his hair, put on a suit, and start learning dance moves of Michael Jackson, but Sergio went the whole way and decided to learn everything about Michael Jackson. Sergio lives and breathes Michael Jackson, and he can tell anyone who Michael’s family members are and about his major hits.

Typical Michael Jackson impersonators feel that the hair and clothes are all that makes them a real imitator, but Sergio Cortes is completely different. Sergio has gotten to know some family members of Michael Jackson, Sergio met Michael Jackson personally, Sergio sings like Michael, Sergio looks like Michael, and Michael even supported Sergio being a Michael Jackson imitator. There are few imitators around the world that have gotten Michael Jackson’s stamp of approval, but Sergio did just that, and Sergio more than deserves the praise he gets for being a Michael Jackson impersonator. When it comes to dancing, Sergio can move just like Michael did.

Although Sergio can simply lip-synch to Michael’s music when he performs on stage, he does sing, and his voice sounds eerily similar to Michael’s as well. Sergio also has the facial features of Michael Jackson, which is what makes him the full package when it comes to being a Michael Jackson impersonator. Many who impersonate a star will do it for the money, but Sergio does it for the love of Michael Jackson, and he truly believes in what he does. Although there will always be Michael Jackson impersonators, there will never be one as good as Sergio Cortes.

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