Diversant and John Goullet Have Long Been Helping People With Premium Services

Diversant LLC is one of the largest Minority Owned Business Enterprises in the Untied States that is owned privately. Today, the company is majorly dedicated to providing the leading services for IT staffing and hiring for other companies. Their services range around improvements for staffing, direct hiring, ethnic diversity services, and more. Under John’s lead, the company provides some of the best strategies and innovative solutions to provide their customers with satisfactory services. Diversant LLC holds a lot of importance in their relationships with customers, as they want to build lasting relations with partners, not just assets.

Technology will always continue to grow in the future at an increased rate. Because of this, finding professionals in the IT field that have exceptional skills can be a difficult thing to do. This is where the company excels and does their utmost to match their clients with the perfect talent. The screening process for Diversant ensures each individual performs to the highest standards and ethics of business. Over many years, Diversant LLC has been improving their IT services, which they have been able to perfect today. Because of this and the fact that Diversant wants to build strong partnerships, they strive to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction for every client, no matter what it takes to achieve it.

John Goullet is Diversant LLC’s standing president, and is a widely known entrepreneur in the industry. He has been working in the field of IT staffing for decades, and has started up several companies to this day. His former company, Info Technologies, was the predecessor to Diversant LLC, after merging with another company. This company was one of the fastest growing companies in the US at the time, and offered their services to many Fortune 500 companies. John’s expertise and insight into IT and technology as a whole has given him the tools necessary to take Diversant to a top position in the market today, and allows the company to offer some of the best services available.

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