Did You Know Bleach Could Be Dangerous For Your Kids?

Did you know that there are signs that household bleach can be dangerous for children? Not just dangerous if they find the bottle and drink it, but dangerous when you use it as a cleaning product, as well. One study found that people who use household bleach at least twice a week increased the risk of their children getting respiratory infections. The kids living in those homes were more likely to get the flu and other illnesses.

Do you use bleach in your home like Crystal Hunt and is it something that you have ever considered to be dangerous? Now that you know the potential risk, will it make you change your cleaning routine?

With all of the new studies out there on so many different products it is hard to know what to trust. If bleach is something that your mom always used and you didn’t seem to get sick any more than the average kid you may think that it’s fine to keep using it. But, on the other hand, if you are noticing that your kids are getting sick a lot more often than their friends maybe it’s time to make a change and see if that helps.

Bleach may or may not be the cause of sickness in your kids, but if you’re noticing them getting sick quite often it might be worth a shot to give it up.

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