Desiree Perez Reaches the Top of the Roc Nation Executive Ladder

The rising influence of entertainment executive Desiree Perez on the global music industry cannot be underestimated after she was named to the list of top female entertainment executives in the world published by “Billboard”. As a business figure, Desiree Perez has seen her influence grow over more than a decade with the Roc Nation label established by Jay-Z; the power shown by Desiree Perez comes from the innovative management structure at RFoc Nation where executives can take control of the careers of artists under the guidance of the Hova Circle of Influence. Desiree Perez has risen to the top echelons of the circle of influence at Roc Nation as she has already negotiated some of the most important deals in the short history of the label.

Creating the Roc Nation Sports talent agency has given Desiree Perez another string to her bow with her excellent business knowledge and ability to broker deals making her the perfect fit to head the latest development from Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. The list of athletes represented by Roc Nation Sports has grown under the leadership of Desiree Perez to include many major U.S. sports personalities and taken on an international flavor with the addition of German soccer player, Jerome Boateng.

Despite the success she has shown with the newly formed sports agency, Desiree Perez still remains best known for the success she has achieved as a negotiator and dealmaker at Roc Nation. Not only did the expert in negotiating multimillion-dollar deals work on the Beyonce stadium tours but also created the sponsorship deal between Rihanna and Samsung. Desiree Perez has also brought her skills to the creation of the recent deal between telecommunications giant, Sprint and Roc Nation’s Tidal streaming platform worth a reported $200 million.


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