Depression a Form of Adaption

We all go through depression at one point or another, most likely multiple times. On the upside, researchers have found that depression is the brain’s way of adapting to a certain situation. What their researches have found is that depression holds analytical thinking, another words, problem solving. Depression has been considered an illness by society for quiet some time, especially now a days with the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. However, after the 20 question test, research shows that they are “seeing more evidence that depression can be necessary and beneficial adaption to dealing with major . . . complex issues”.

Depression is a way of blocking out focus on other life aspects such as sleep, eating, and such in order to maintain keen focus on the underlying problem. Researchers believe they are closer to producing more productive ways of dealing with depression’s negative side effects. That is something Sergio Andrade Gutierrez will be hoping for. They do however still believe that clinical depression, a severe form of depression, is a serious mental health condition. Perhaps all these pharmaceutical drugs are not only causing permanent brain damage but are masking the problem that the mind needs to deal with and get stronger.


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