David McDonald’s Achievements In Securing OSI Group’s Sustainable Growth

David McDonald is OSI Group’s President and chief operating officer. OSI group is an international food processing company based in Aurora Illinois. The corporation has about 80 branches in 17 countries. The company is the supplier of the world’s leading food companies such as Subway, McDonald, Papa John’s, Starbucks, Burger King, and Yum. David McDonalds has attained much as president to secure sustainable growth of the Group.

Under the visionary leadership of David McDonald, the OSI Group has expanded to Geneva and Hungary. Also, the recent launching of two poultry processing facilities in China set it to become the country’s largest of poultry products producer. Other achievements are the construction of a new beef processing plant in Poland and a processing plant for frozen foods in India.

Moreover, David McDonald OSI Group has broadened the company’s market and capabilities through acquisitions. The most recent acquisition was of the Baho Food, A Dutch food processing company operating in the Netherlands and Germany. David believes that acquiring the company broadens the presence of the OSI group in the European Market. He promised to retain Baho Food’s employees saying their expertise and experience are invaluable in improving OSI Group’s service delivery and product portfolio broadening.

In its service spanning over three decades, the OSI Group has amassed a wealth of experience in diverse customer tastes, cultural diversity, and government regulations. Due to the broad knowledge, the company has always offered outstanding products and services. To continue with this legacy, David McDonald has fostered collaboration between the company’s in-house team and regional managers. The regional officials monitor the culture and tastes of the local customers and passing the information to the in-house team. The team then designs products that can best meet these tastes and preferences.

David McDonald studied Animal Science at the Iowa State University. He has worked as the project manager of OSI Industries and a member of the company’s board of directors. His other past and present leadership roles include the Chairman of North American Meat Institute and Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. Currently; he is also the Director of OSI Group’s Australian subsidiary, OSI International Foods.

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