David Giertz Advises On Retirement Financial Planning

Updated for 12-13-2017:
Found an interesting post in which David Giertz talks about the merits of saving for healthcare alongside retirement. An important read for anybody looking to formulate a strategy that includes all expenses for their formative years. Remember, it’s not just about making sure living expenses are cared for, sometimes you want to have a war chest ready for anything that can happen down the line. Read that post here: HSAs vs Long Term Care Insurance: David Giertz Compares

Updated for 11-15-2017:
David Giertz has an interesting new plan for retirement, targeted towards younger folks. Worth checking out for anybody that considers themselves a part of the millennial generation. Saving is really important, but you have to know where to start.

It is always important to plan for retirement through making enough savings. David Giertz, a scholarly financial advisor insists that improperly planned retirement can land one into hectic financial predicaments. Further, he notes that many people fail to project clearly what their retirement would be like, especially in financial perspective.

Regardless of the salary that one gets, retirement savings is vital. According to David Giertz, saving for retirement is hectic because it is impractical to estimate the level of financial needs after retirements. For this reason, David advises on saving as much money as one can before retirement. Apparently, expenditure will very much likely be higher that earnings during retirement.

David Giertz advocates for smart investments before taking on the retirement. This step is crucial because it will continually generate you an extra income during the retirement. Long term investment is much more preferable when planning on retirement financial schemes.

David Giertz suggests that one should make regular savings at least 6 times annually before attaining the age of 50. Additionally, he advises that one should make at least 13 times their annual earnings worth of savings before normal retirement.

On the other hand, those opting to take earlier retirement should make total savings equal to least 33 times their annual earnings. Moreover, David suggests that a retiree should also choose dynamic and flexible retirement plan besides the fore mentioned saving plans.

David L. Giertz now serves as a senior VP at Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization. Earlier in his career, David worked at NF Sales (Bank Channel) and Sales, FI/WH. He first joined Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization in 2013.

David Giertz studied Bachelor of Science at Millikin University and later earned an MBA from University of Miami. Finally, David serves as a business coach at WABC and an arbiter at FINRA.

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