Darius Fisher of Status Labs Wins Prestigious Award

Darius Fisher has recently been named an Innovation 50 by PR Week. This award is given to the top 50 innovators who are changing how the Internet operates. In 2013, Darius Fisher started Status Labs to help people control their online reputation. He believes that just because a person or company makes one mistake, it should not ruin their entire career. He realizes that when a client is meeting a new customer or client, that individual has already Googled the individual making it vital to control what the potential client sees.
Darius says that it is very important for each individual to control their online presence proactively. While the first steps are to make sure that you protect your passwords, change your social media passwords, and request that your name is removed from databases that sell your information such as PeopleSmart, Spokeo, Pipl, Intelius on a regular basis, Darius says that is not enough to make sure that you stay protected from Internet trolls.
He says that the next step is to buy your domain name. For example, Darius Fisher owns the domain dariusfisher.com. He also recommends that you purchase any domain names that are close to yours such as domains containing common misspellings of your name. Once you own these domains, he recommends that you post your resume online even if you do not plan to pursue building a website.
If these steps do not help you to have a positive impact when you Google your name, then you need the services of Status Labs. Working with his team of professionals, Darius Fisher creates articles that place high on search engines and has the network to get those articles placed high. Since most people never go beyond the first page, it seldom takes long to control your online reputation that people will see.
Darius Fisher has the experience needed to help you be successful. Before starting Status Labs, he worked writing email marketing campaigns for Agora Publishing under the legendary Bill Bonner. Darius Fisher also has political experience working on the campaign of United States. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Brown’.

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