Charles Koch Speaks Out About The Race For President And The Direction The Country Is Going

Multi-billionaire Charles Koch has spoken out about the current Republican candidates in a rare interview with the Financial Times, done at Koch Institute headquarters. Koch has recently come under attack by liberals and the media, but he was quick to defend himself. According to Koch, he is a classic liberal. He is also disappointed and disillusioned with the current race for president, saying that when he looks at what the country needs and in which direction it is going versus which direction it should be going, he is utterly disappointed.

Koch expressed his displeasure and disagreement with Republican front runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. He criticized their anti-muslim rhetoric, and criticized both Donald Trump’s pledge to ban Muslims from entering the United States and Cruz’s promise to carpet bomb ISIS until “we will see how it is possible for sand to glow in the dark.”

Muslims are a a sixth of the world’s population, Koch argues. Are we really going to alienate 1.6 billion people? According to Koch, the Iraq war was a total failure and should not have been done, and we must be careful not to repeat our mistakes.

Nevertheless, said Koch, he will still donate $900 million to the Republican cause and eventually settle on a Republican candidate whom he will endorse.

Charles Koch was born in Kansas in 1935, and is the president of the Koch Institute, together with his brother David, who serves as vice-president. They inherited the institute from their father. The Koch Institute is the second largest privately owned company in the US by revenue, and Koch was once listed as the sixth most richest person in the world, with assets totaling an estimated more than $25 billion.

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