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Ball Pit House

Roman Atwood has been making splashes in the YouTube world for years now and has effectively built a dedicated audience that is in the millions. Each and every day he posts a video to his vlog channel, as well as periodic prank videos to his main channel which gained him notoriety in the first place. He pulled off a prank several days ago that is unlike any other prank that has hit the internet. A lot of times someone will come out with a video and people all over the world try to hop on board and make follow up videos, but this one doesn’t even seem feasible to be copied. He bought a quarter million ball pit balls and decided to fill his house with the balls and throw a party for his family and friends. The video was more of a concept idea and a feel good video then it was of a prank, although they did scare his girlfriend Britt when she returned to the home by stacking balls up against the door to pour out onto her. All in all it has been an incredible successful video that has over ten million views in in first two days. Prankster channels on YouTube have gotten increasingly popular over the last several years, but Roman Atwood was one of the pioneers and has continued to grow in popularity as time has gone on. Fans like Haidar Barbouti look forward to seeing what he will come up with next.