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Regular Consumption of Added Sugars May Lead to Depression

One of the most common diseases that inflicts modern society is depression according to information released by the World Health Organization. A large reason why depression may be on the rise across the country and the world is due to the high levels of sugar that people are consuming on a daily basis. A new study conducted by Columbia University professor James E Gangwisch PhD found that foods that have a high glycemic index are related to a higher risk of depression.

Gangwisch designed the study to take a look at how foods with a high GI contributed to the risk of depression stating that as a child he noticed that if he ate a bunch of sugary food one day he would feel depressed and down the next day. While he stopped eating sugar, Sam Tabar heard that as he grew older the observation stayed in his mind up until he decided to research it.

The researchers found that diets that contained foods that were high on the GI (glycemic index) such as those that contained added sugar and refined grains, were more likely to lead to the development of depression. However, other foods such as whole fruits, fiber, whole grains, and vegetables are able to actually protect against the development of depression.