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UK Vintners, The Kings Of Wine

The company was launched in 1363 with the aim of giving wine lovers the best out of the industry. For years now, the drink loved by many has been associated with a long history. The Company owes its origin from two firms, the Allied Wine Buyers, and Nottingham group.

This saw the firm work tirelessly towards their visions and finally managed to brew the best top shelf wines. According to England’s history of wine trading back in the 40s, the product managed to claim a third of the state’s import with the vintners dominating the industry.

As time continued to unfold, the company went through many achievements, which transitioned to the today’s vintner wine industry. Though the journey was not easy, the firm worked tirelessly to put a smile on its customers. In 2013, the organization held its 650th anniversary.

Nature of the business

UK vintners are a public limited company, which was chartered in March 2015. Apart from wine, UK Vintners also produces spirits, beers, and other alcoholic drinks.


Grow the wine industry by providing the best quality products, which meet global standards.


To be the world leading manufacturer and exporter of top shelf wines.

How to shop Vintners wine online

In the past, UK Vintners wine lovers used to do their purchasing the traditional way. As the industry continued to grow, the company introduced online services where customers can place their orders without visiting their stores.

To shop online, all that one need is to visit the company website, create an account, and fill in the requirements with the right information. After the registration process, one can start enjoying the company services. Many clients prefer their online service since they offer free delivery to the customer location and accept different mode of electronic payments.