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Blanket of Snow

Boston has been hit hard in 2015 with not only inches, but feet, of snow. The large amount of snow that the city has seen has prompted the Mayor of Boston to make a request that some officials don’t usually make. He wants people to stop jumping from the roofs of their homes into the snow. This is a little hard to do when there are over 60 inches of snow on the ground, and the snow is piled in front of front doors so that people can’t get out of their homes. Marc Sparks knows that they have no other way to get into the town unless they make a way off the roof. While there have been deaths reported, it should be a decision left up to the person as to how they get out of their home. Some people might need to get out of their homes in order to get to a grocery store or work, and jumping off a roof might be the only way.