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Even Coca-Cola Exits Venezuela

Venezuela found itself in an odd situation. The country is running out of beer according to, due to a lack of imports . This indignity is bad enough. Now, there is another beverage which is soon to be in extremely short supply in the country. Soon, Venezuela is going to be out of Coca-Cola. Upon reading the news about the diminishing supplies of Coca-Cola, probably the most popular soft drink in human history, the first response to the news is to assume its a joke. Perhaps someone with a propensity for poor-taste humor decided to write a fake article about the situation in Venezuela. Sadly, there is no joke to be found in the news.
Coca-Cola is stopping production of its beverages in the country of Venezuela because there is no sugar available. Without sugar, very little of the Coca-Cola inventory can be produced. Venezuela’s economy has made it extremely difficult for domestic production of anything. Sugar is not excluded. Importing products is extremely difficult as well. Once again, the horrible state of the economy is the cause and sugar imports are going to suffer.

Then, “there is the other obvious problem” says analyst Norka Luque. Coca-Cola would be producing a product that cannot be purchased by people due to lack of funds. Sales to those who buy and flip at higher prices on the black market are not likely what Coca-Cola wants to get involved with. The ceasing of production makes sense for Coca-Cola from a business standpoint.