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Things You should look for While Choosing Vegan Makeup Products

Veganism is not just a trend. It is after all a new approach to make your life and lifestyle free of cruelty, animal products and animal by-products. Adopting veganism cannot be achieved through changing the food habits. In fact, many of our everyday use products include animal-derived ingredients such as collagen, keratin and many other by-products. If you are trying to adopt veganism, then take a closer look at your makeup items as well.

Most of the Lime Crime makeup products on tumbler include animal derived collagen, vitamins, amino acids and proteins. Makeup brushes also use real animal furs as bristles for everyday makeup use. In fact, more than 75 percent of the beauty products, hair styling and nourishing products and the makeup accessories contain animal and animal derived ingredients and by-products. For a vegan lifestyle, you should start choosing vegan makeup products today. Here is a list of things that you should look for while choosing vegan makeup products.

1. Check the ingredient list:

While looking for vegan makeup products, you should be prompt enough to check the product ingredient list. Collagen, keratin, gelatin, and animal proteins are common animal derived products found in makeup and beauty products. Instead of using these ingredients, vegan makeup products include plant derived vitamin E and C, non-animal fats and organic ingredients as other animal product substitutes. By using vegan makeup products, you will avoid dead animal products such as uric acid from bovine origin, beeswax and even collagen from dead animal bones.

2. Go for products with “not tested on animal” label:

Vegan products are never tested on animals. These products also go through a strict lab test and clinical trial if necessary. Each of the vegan makeup products include organic and plant-derived ingredients, which are tested positive in the lab for favorable health benefits. Therefore, most vegan brands claim that their products are suitable for all skin types. Thus, you will always see vegan makeup products with a label saying cruelty-free and not-tested on animal banner. Because these products are not tested on animals, they are still 100 percent cruelty free.

3. Packaging should be vegan too:

Vegan cosmetics, makeup and accessories often come in packs made from recycled and plant source materials. Because these products are 100 percent certified vegan, they are always packed carefully in an eco-friendly and recycled pack. Also, most vegan makeup and beauty brands are cautious about the design of their packaging and the materials used for it.

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