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A-type Personality

Wasting time to an A type personality is like dragging nails across a blackboard, how do I know? As I read this article I realized it was describing me. For most of my life I had a hard time being still, always going and doing something. This behavior spilled over into my adult life as well, filling every second awake doing something productive or at least that was my plan. According to James Dondero not only is this a real issue for people but there are adjustments that can be made so that your life is not consumed by doing so much and spinning your wheels at the same time. Type a people, I believe have to learn one major lesson and that is BALANCE. Of course we need to be mindful of taking care of our responsibilities but when everyday issues of life and doing consume us there is a problem. Being a single mother of 4 children did not help this personality I was living with either while at the same it helped me to break free from this A type personality. I agree with this article where it lists the changes “Every Type A person can make”. Learning to enjoy life while still being who you are takes constant work but it can be done.