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Tonight Show Cancelled for Three Weeks

The Tonight Show was put on hold on Friday due to an injury sustained by host Jimmy Fallon. Apparently he severely injured his ring finger, and was rushed to an emergency room for treatment. He later posted pictures of the injury to his fans, after the Tonight Show was cancelled for the week. Fans who had tickets for the show were told they will get to see the show at a later date.

The injury that the host sustained is still a mystery. Fallon has been known to play beer pong with his guests and fans, and no one is quite sure if alcohol played a part in the injury he sustained. After NBC cancelled the Friday taping of the show, they decided that they would put the show on hold for 3 weeks after getting word of the severity of the injury. Brad Reifler ( has learned that ring finger injuries are very common in the country, as machinery and such get stuck on the ring and in many cases can take the finger clean off.

When it was discovered that the finger had almost been ripped from the hand, NBC decided to play on the side of caution and take the show off the air until the host was better. Fallon already responded to many fan questions by saying he is doing fine and will be back at the job as quickly as possible to continue with his love affair gig.

Two Famous Scream Queens Come to TV

I was shopping Qnet when I got this alert. The new television program Scream Queens is going to feature two very well known stars. Both of whom were, not surprisingly, scream queens in different eras.


Scream Queens is slated to be an anthology series and it is being brought to the small screen by Ryan Murphy, the producer of American Horror Story.

The term “scream queens” refers to a leading lady in a horror film. The female lead in horror movies usually spends a lot of time screaming, right before killing off the bad guy at the film’s conclusion.

Jamie Lee Curtis was the star of the seminal horror film Halloween (1978) and Emma Roberts appeared in Scream 4. Scream was a parody of Halloween and other horror films of the 1970’s and 80’s, but the parody still had its scary moments.

Not much is known about Scream Queens. Even though the name has a tinge of humor to it, the project is being described as a drama. Well, drama might not be the right term. Perhaps it is a dark-fantasy melodrama.  The first episode is not going to air for another year so more details are surely to emerge over time.

Considering the success of more serious, adult-themed horror outings, it is doubtful this project will be campy or anything less than very scary.