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Train Your Brain

Studies and science tells us that humans only use about 10 percent of the brain. The other 90 percent of the brain goes untouched and untapped. Even with such a small portion of brain use, mankind has still be able to survive for thousands of years on thoughts and ideas. One neurologist has released a study detailing the effects that meditation has on the brain. Sara Lazar has claimed that meditation can quite literally change the way that a person’s brain is wired. Sara was instructed to stop running during her training for a marathon. Instead, she was told to relax and stretch the body. This was the perfect time for her to try yoga. After a few sessions, she was completely hooked. Sara did further research on yoga and decided to take out the physicality of it. She would just sit and meditate and she couldn’t believe the changes that she made. Habits that she had struggled with for years were suddenly gone. Her body felt more in synch with her mind like never before. Sara was so taken back by her transformation that she decided to do an official study on it. The doctor found that the mind is most pliable when the body is still and dong the least amount of activity. Author Keith Man says that armed with this knowledge, Sara proceeded to use her work on a group of willing participants. The people in the control group were eager to essentially train their brain. After numerous successful participants, Sara decided to collect all of her data and compile it into a study that she can release to the rest of the world.