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What’s It Like Working With Traveling Vineyard?

The Traveling Vineyard is a beautiful company known for selling the most unique and great tasting wine that you could ever find. They have brought their wine all across the nation with the help of their sellers and the people on their marketing team. You too can join their team of promoters and advertisers. Being one of their wine sellers can be a great way to make money and an additional income because of how easy it is to sell their products, not to mention work with a reputable wine selling brand.

Traveling Vineyard is known for their great tasting wine. They have sellers all across the nation bringing their wine to other people. Sellers are responsible to create their own wine tasting events and also work together with their trainers in their region to better sell their products. This is a very unique business opportunity because it opens up new opportunities, brings people closer together, and also gives you the seller the chance to bring your favorite wine to other wine lovers.

Working with them is like being your very own boss in general. Why? Because you have all the time in the world to create your own ideas and build your own brand as a seller. You can sell whenever you want on the timeframe that you choose. The Traveling Vineyard is a very reputable brand that strives to come up with new wines and also give sellers all the tools they need to succeed. Work with them and make money.

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Squaw Valley Ski Resort: From One Chair to a High-Speed Gondola

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is recognized as one of the best world-class ski slopes. The resort, however, had some very humble beginnings. This tiny ski resort began with only chairlift and 2 rope tows. The resort itself only had 50 rooms. This did not stop Alexander Crushing, the president of the Squaw Valley Development Company in the 1950s, from recognizing the great potential that this ski area had. To help reach this dream, Crushing petitioned for an Olympic bid and the resort was chosen in 1955 to be the home of the 1960s Olympics. The resort beat out more famous slopes in countries such as Switzerland and Austria. With help from the United States government and other backers the resort was ready for the Olympics. That was one of the first of many dreams for this tiny resort. 

Throughout the years the resort began to grow in popularity, and it is still considered one of the best ski areas in the country. The newest dream for the resort is to connect it with its neighbor Alpine Meadows. It is in the works to develop a high-speed gondola which will easily connect the two resorts. This gondola connection, in essence, would create one of the largest ski areas in the entire country. 6,000 acres of skiable land would be created with the joining of the two mountains. 

According to Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley, this is a dream that has been in the making for over 60 years. He believes that the gondola will create the ultimate ski experience for skiers and snowboards alike. There will be a variety of terrains for their enjoyment that they would not otherwise be able to experience unless they physically moved to the other mountain and stayed at that resort.

Travelers Getting in Trouble Unknowingly Breaking Local Rules

The travelers often break local rules unknowingly. Some of their misdeeds are looked at with forgiving eyes by the local folk. Others aren’t as easy to pass over, and can result in fines and years spent in jail.

Three men who were out having fun in Yangon got themselves into bad trouble after taking a picture of a Buddha with headphones on. The men posted it on Facebook in order to promote an event they were organizing, but received 2 years in jail, accused of disrespecting the local religion stated facebook posts from friends. They are just as sensitive about the religion on the Maldives and in Sri Lanka. In Peru, you may not buy souvenirs that incorporate animal provenience parts such as fur or feathers. An unknowing tourist might as well end up with a fine, as such souvenirs are actually sold by locals. Most of the time, the authorities simply ignore the fact. But you never know.

Be careful with your fashion habits, as in Barbados it is an offense to wear accessories with a military color pattern and in Barcelona you should not go in a bikini outside of the beach territory. In movies, you often see people sitting on steps of the buildings and relaxing. Don’t try to enact the movie life in Florence, Italy! That is again punishable with a fine. And so is eating or drinking near a church.

The Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company serves up wine education, parties, custom ordered fine wine vintage gift boxes as well as personally designed cellars. There is no one specialty that the Antique Wine Company is known for; all services are equally perfected. For example, Stephen Williams, the founder, CEO and Managing Director is scheduled to host the 2015 Wine Fortune casino night, where the house game is Wine Fortunes. Call it “Baccaraps”, a mix of Craps and Baccarat where wagers are placed on taste buds. Call it a night for sommeliers to let loose. Like “Baccaraps”, The Antique Wine Company is rare in the services it offers.
Services include wine insurance, purchasing of fine wine, investment assistance, wine storage and VIP services. Essentially, if you have a few bottles of Super Tuscans (Masseto, Ornellaia, Sassicaia, Solaia and Tignanello), Cult Californians (Screaming Eagle, Caymus, Opus One, Harlan Estate and Dominus) or Grand Cru Burgundies, The Antique Wine Company will happily purchase them for their own collection. Don’t want to sell? Keep your wine and build a luxury cellar. The Antique Wine Company brings the dream of storing the finest and rarest wines in a one-of-a-kind personally designed cellar. Of course, after the wine cellar is ready, only the finest Bordeauxs, Burgundies, Champagnes and Barolos will do. The Antique Wine Company brings organization for the taste buds. Allow the cellar management team to purchase, categorize and upload an inventory of wine into a secure database and then connect the database to tasting notes, ratings and reviews, which are viewable from a home computer or mobile device.
On-the-other-hand, if you need premier service in the form of a wine concierge for a party or wine recommendations for a special gathering then The Antique Wine Company is your one-stop shop. The Antique Wine Company holds over 10,000 bottles of the finest wines globally. Who would you trust to build, stock and inventory a private cellar?

A Ticket Price Problem Disappoints Many Transatlantic Travelers


Many airplane passengers hoping to enjoy $74 round trip first class fare on United Airlines expressed their disappointment on Wednesday evening. A British newspaper reported that for a brief eight hour period on Wednesday, the airline’s tickets offered through a Danish website to travelers flying from Europe to North America were reportedly incorrectly listed as a much lower than usual price said traveller Fersen Lambranho.

Other media reports indicated that some passengers purchased first class fares for as little as $69. The lower fare offer was promoted extensively in online venues on Wednesday, although the very low fare price was removed from the Danish website early on Wednesday morning. Many passengers reportedly bought the tickets hoping to travel by air for a significantly reduced price.

United Airlines was indicated to have announced through its Twitter account on Wednesday evening that it would void the fares because they resulted from a third party vendor’s software problem. This decision displeased many ticket purchasers.

Previously, other airlines have sometimes advertised ticket prices inaccurately. United Airlines on some occasions in the course of its history honored some mistakenly issued lower fares.

Man Falls Off Cruise Ship and Gets Rescued By Another Passing By

This story is what some of my worst nightmares are made of. According to a story on a 22 year old man was cruising with a Royal Caribbean ship near Cozumel, Mexico and went overboard into the ocean. The man was in the water for around 5 hours when passengers on a passing Disney cruise ship were up early with their toddler and heard his cries for help. The passengers reported the man in the ocean and crew members reacted quickly. The man was rescued and brought aboard. He said he has no recollection of how he fell off his cruise ship.

First, it is amazing that the man survived the fall. Depending on which deck he fell from it can be like falling off of a 10 story building. Then he survived that long without drowning or succumbing to hypothermia.  PR Newswire reports with associate Susan McGalla that he was in the ocean, in the dark for 5 hours treading water with who knows what swimming underneath him. And lastly he was actually spotted and successfully rescued! If you have ever been on a cruise ship then you know the sounds of the engines can be very loud and hard to hear someone shouting. Not to mention how small a person is in that large ocean and hard to see. Hopefully this man has a renewed outlook on life because he survived against all odds against him.

Club Med for Sale

The leisure group Club Med will come under the control not of Andrew Heiberger but of the Chinese investment funds, Fosun, now remaining only potential buyer, after the withdrawal of the offer by an Italian businessman Andrea Bonomi.

The curtain fell on Friday, January 2nd longest battle of the French stock market history, which began in May 2013. The Italian businessman Andrea Bonomi finally threw in the towel and decided not to raise its bid for Club Méditerranée (“Club Med”), abandoning in favor of the famous brand in Chinese investment funds, Fosun.

The Chinese group, owned by billionaire Guo Guangchang, made a 24.60 Euros bid per share, valuing the French company at 939 million Euros.

“The current scenario and valuation levels do not warrant further study of a potential investment in Club Med,” said Andrea Bonomi in a statement onFriday before the deadline of January 7, fixed by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) for a possible higher bid.

No one was immediately available at Club Med to comment on the announcement of the withdrawal by ‘Global Resorts’. It is worth to mention that Guo Guangchang and Bonomi fought a fierce battle that plunged the leisure group in difficulty but finally, this matter is resolved.

Traveling in 2015-Cross Things off The Bucket List


Do you have big plans for travel in 2015? Many people like Vijay Eswaran want to hit the open road and explore all that America has to offer. Before hitting the highway, it’s best to start planning for vacations by the first of the year. Even if the vacation isn’t going to be until next September or October, the best rates and deals can be found now. Hotels and airlines often give huge discounts to those who pre-plan their trips. Not only will there be more to choose from, but the prices will no doubt be more affordable.

Many people are declaring 2015 as the year they mark some things off their bucket list. From seeing Mt. Rushmore to the Pacific Ocean, there is wonderful things in this country that need to be explored. Going on vacation doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Putting back a bit of money every week can be a great way to pay for the trip. Don’t worry about so many little things, vacation is a time to let your hair down and have some fun.

When picking a vacation destination, make sure to pick someplace the whole family will enjoy. From theme parks to historical landmarks, there is no stone that should be left unturned. Start planning for next year’s holidays, at the first of the year. Doing things a bit at a time can remove a great bit of stress and anxiety.