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Perry Mandera: Improving the Field of Logistics

Perry Mandera is a well-known American businessman and entrepreneur who established the Custom Companies, Inc. The firm specializes in the transport of cargoes and freight, and they are also providing a lot of services and assistance that would help truckers deliver their items on time. Perry Mandera wanted to make sure that all of the cargoes and freight to be delivered would reach its final destination accurately and on time.

Before the establishment of the company in the year 1986, Perry Mandera has noticed the serious need for the trucking industry to improve their logistics. He noticed how the travel time was lagging, so he thought of solutions that would make the delivery time faster. With the foundation of the Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera managed to revolutionize the whole industry. Because of the rising demand for the services that his company provides, the Customer Companies Inc. managed to post revenue of more than $200 million. It is consistent every year, and the company keeps on becoming bigger and better. The client being served by Perry Mandera’s company ranges from small startups to large multinational corporations, and they treat everyone equally.

Perry Mandera’s fascination with transportation can be traced back when he was still a kid. He would always want to drive their truck, but his father won’t let him because he is still young. When he became older, he decided to join the military and serve the country. He was tasked to drive the military truck, and he said to himself that it would be his chance to fulfill his lifelong dream. He would, later on, find himself driving along the highway using the military truck entrusted to him. By being a driver for the military, his skills in transportation and driving grew, and it interests him even better. He would later use what he learned as a foundation for his company.

Today, Perry Mandera is actively monitoring any news about legislation that would benefit or affect the truckers as a whole. He wanted to make sure that the representatives are doing what they think would be the best for the welfare of all the truckers in the United States.

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