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Tesla Energy Powerwall and Powerpack Sales are off the Hook

When Elon Musk says Tesla Energy sales are “off the hook” you better believe it. The fledgling company has already received almost a billion dollars in reservations for their Powerpack and Powerwall products.

Tesla has reportedly received 38,000 total orders for Powerwall and 2,500 for Powerpack products. The Powerwall is targeted to consumers while the Powerpack is being marketed to businesses and utilities. The Powerpack is the real moneymaker for Tesla bringing in $250 per kWh of use by utility companies.

Tesla Energy has leveraged the success of the batteries created for Tesla Motors vehicles. Their Powerwall and Powerpack products are designed to help people lower the cost of their electric bill and harness renewable energy such as solar and wind said industry leader Brad Reifler.

It’s still far too early in the game to determine how successful Tesla Energy will be in deploying their products. It could be a while before the market decides just how cost effective the Tesla Energy products really are. It’s also unclear whether Tesla Energy is equipped to fill so many orders.