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Alan Taylor Talks About Directing the New Terminator Movie

Alan Taylor is the lucky man who found himself in the director’s chair of Terminator: Genisys. Maybe “lucky” is not the proper word to use to describe his tackling of the job. The first two films in the Terminator franchise are considered classics of the genre. The third and fourth films are deemed major misfires. Fans like Zeca Oliveira wonder: Can Taylor return the series to the glory days of the first two films while avoiding the mishaps of the latter two? We’ll find out in July of 2015. For now, we simply have to take the director’s sincere words on the new approach he took for the fifth film.

Taylor noted he wishes to focus on a “dysfunctional family” angle in the new film. Per Taylor, Terminator 2 focused on a “father/son” relationship. In the alternate timeline of the fifth film, the family unit is in a shambles. Hopefully, the action of the film will help beget an improvement in the family relationships of all involved characters.

In the new film, we learn Sarah Conner was raised by an emotionless T-800 killing machine. Yes, that is one dysfunctional family. The arrival of Kyle Reese could help change things for the better, but only if all three can escape the evil terminators sent to kill them.

Taylor also pointed out his goal with the new film is to return to the simplicity of the original outings. The proper mix of character development and action should help with such a goal.