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The Endearing Legacy of John Textor in Digital Movie Production

John Textor is one of the most distinguished and accomplished movie producers in the world. He is the Executive Chairman and the President-head of studio at Pulse Evolution Corporation and Co-Founder of the Florida based private equity fund, Wyndcrest Holdings LLC. Pulse Evolution Corporation has stood out as the leading developer of hyper-realistic digital human figures for virtual reality, holographic live performances, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. At Pulse, Textor is responsible for managing special projects, venue partnerships, strategic partnership and rights acquisition among other responsibilities. Textor has served as the president of Wyndcrest Holdings since 1997. The company primarily focuses on advancing technology in areas such as telecommunication, internet and entertainment. Textor is also the former board chairman and majority stakeholder of the world’s second leading snowboard brand, Sims Snowboards.

Textor received his Bachelors of Arts degree in 1987 from Wesleyan University in Middletown Connecticut. He became the director of BabyUniverse, an internet based retailer in 1999, before assuming the position of company CEO in 2005. In 2006, Textor became the Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group and the Digital Domain division. Under his guidance and leadership, he oversaw the production of more than 25 visual effects for large scale movies. The productions include Transformers and the Pirates of the Caribbean. In 2009, Textor led Digital Domain Media in winning an Academy Award for creating the first realistic digital human actor in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Textor is today working to establish entertainment properties across various technology platforms and venues. One of his eagerly awaited projects is the production of an animated feature film called Art Story, which is being developed by Aaron Blaise, a seasoned Disney filmmaker. In November 2013, Textor was instrumental in the in the production of a science fiction fantasy film, the Ender’s Game.

To crown his achievements, Textor has led various projects that have witnessed the release of virtual versions of music and movie celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Marylyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur and Elvis Presley. The Michael Jackson virtual image was unveiled during the 2014, Billboard Music Awards. John Textor told reporters that the image of Michael Jackson was an illusion and not a hologram as many had thought. According to a report by Marco della Cava of USA Today, the image was created under John Textor’s tutelage by a team that included Frank Petterson, the CEO of digital effects and Stephen Rosenbaum, the visual effects supervisor. The Michael Jackson performance was broadcast live to more than 10 million live television audiences. The performance recorded an even greater viewership over the internet and other media. Textor believes the practical application of the digital human technology is likely to impact surgical and military simulation as well as education.