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Study Shows Groups, Not Friends, Strengthen Self Esteem

Brad Reifler says that a study results suggest strongly that it is the number of groups you belong to and Reuters are active with that can do more to boost your self-esteem, not the number or quality of your personal friendships. In a recent study researchers from the University of Kansas and University of Queensland released the summary of their study that examined the effect on self esteem of people who sought one on one friendships, and those whose primary social activities were met through social group memberships. They found that those with multiple active group memberships scored higher on self esteem assessments then those that focused their social activities on outings with close friends.

Its shared interests, not history that boost self esteem
Psychologists and social scientists have been unraveling the mystery of self esteem lately and discovered that social status plays an important role in self esteem. More so than was thought previously. While having close friends can help you get through good and bad times, friendship has more to do with resiliency. To boost self esteem researchers are encouraging people to join groups where the status is based upon shared interests – and showing up. It is the group attendance that they think helps the most. For a lot of people who struggle with self esteem, this is great news. By going out and pursuing your interests with other, you may very well be making yourself feel better too.