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Image Recognition Ushers In The Future Of Retail Sales

Most people are familiar with the term product recognition because it has been around since products and services were first bartered, traded or sold. Today there is a new term on the market that promises to turn retailing upside down. Image Recognition goes far beyond display cases and store shelves. Let’s consider what this means to the future of retail businesses and maintaining inventory.

Imagine using a mobile device to take a picture of a product, and then tap a button and the imagine is sent on a search. The technology finds matches and returns results that include Product Name, Model #, Description and even comments and reviews. Another tap of a button and purchasing begins on a shopping cart where the rest of the details concerning the order display quickly.

Now imagine holding a dinner party for a group of friends. The menu is decided, decorations chosen, and complimentary garnishes to adorn the plates add that special touch to guarantee success. Then you realize the ingredients for your special recipe are not enough to prepare for that many guests. No problem. Simply photo the packaging, send it off on a search, and finish your purchase complete with expedited shipping. It is sure to arrive in time to present a fabulous meal your guests will praise for years.

You see a car advertised in a magazine and want to know more about its features and options. Just point your mobile device at the photo, tap the button and off the image goes on a search. Suddenly you get a list of matching vehicles and the entire dealer sticker sheet with all the information you need to decide on any make, model or color.

The image recognition software comes in the form of an App for Apple and Android and even allows you to scan a photo into your computer. This technology results from the demand for mobile marketing to provide users with instant access to anything they wish to buy.

How do you get in on this technology? Very simple. You contact a company who specializes in visual search image recognition technology and let them show you how. Slyce is a leader in image recognition and offers Mobile Snap-to-Buy, V-Commerce, Tag & Display for Social Media campaigns, and Physical Advertising Recognition Digital Conversion. For retailers, these products and services cover every facet of selling from digital marketing, inventory and follow-up based on previous search history.

Product Recognition Is Changing The World Of Retailing

In the old days, back when Reagan was president, the retail business was primarily a brick and mortar business. Consumers had to leave their homes, drive to a mall or a downtown shopping area, and purchase what they wanted or needed. Most consumers had no idea if their favorite store had the product they needed in stock or if their size was available. Retail buying was a hit and miss endeavor, and consumers put up with that sort of business model. The reason they put up with it is simple. That was the way it was always done. Retailers didn’t have the courage or the foresight to change that system. Then the computer took hold, and life as we knew it changed forever.

Getting adjusted to the computer hasn’t been easy for the older generation, but the millenniums took to it like ducks to water. Baby boomers were cautious, skeptical and fearful of the Internet, but as new applications were introduced the old folks knew they had to get with the program or stew in their own ignorance. When the Internet exploded, and new business models were introduced, retailers realized they had a tremendous opportunity to expand their businesses. The big challenge was how to display products so the consumer would relate to them. The Internet wasn’t “touch friendly,” and a large number of products rely on consumers to see, touch and analyze them before they purchased them.

When product recognition was introduced as an application of image recognition, the retail game changed dramatically. Product recognition has different marketing and e-commerce uses. Companies like Slyce was one of the first companies to introduce an advanced form of pattern imaging technology which made product recognition possible. The Slyce technology can stream capture images, and then it matches images through a series of recognition stages. The Slyce technology produces exact results for every image search. Product recognition is the tool that is slowly putting the brick and motor retail business on notice. Retailers have to sell to consumers online and in stores.