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“Prosperous Design”

Richard Mishaan Design is an interior design business that is dedicated to bringing each and every client a new, innovative look inside their living space. If you are looking for something in home design that will have the neighbors in awe, then he is the man for you. The Richard Mishaan Design company works with high-end customers that have a passion for interior decoration, art, lighting, and accessories. The company has had an abundance of projects that they have perfectly completed in an respectable time, leaving each customer satisfied.



Richard Mishaan Design has many different portfolios that impress even the most respected designers in the game. For example, The Upper West Side Townhouse is an remarkable piece of art that will not be soon forgotten. This modern interior design will leave anyone baffled due to the unique modern pieces of furniture he designs and sets in place. Personally, I enjoy this portfolio because it appears to be luxurious enough to be enjoyed by not only the upper class, but also anyone who loves and respects interior design. Additionally, Richard has many other portfolios that are also eye catching to look at. This includes a portfolio named the “Trump Park Ave” which has beautiful art and bold colors that illuminate from the walls.






As more and more interior designers enter the field, the desire for a unique artist is in high demand. Combining contemporary and classic design to his pieces, makes the Richard Mishaan Design company out shine all the opposing competition. This Colombian born man, brings synergy and feng shui into anyone home he desires, resulting in the most decorative, modern interiors.