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George Soros Battling Back Against Donald Trump

George Soros is one of the major Democratic donors who has spoken out against Donald Trump and is now fighting to control what policy is passed down by the new president-elect Donald Trump. Following the election of Donald Trump, George Soros gathered dozens of rich liberals for a three-day, closed door meeting to revive the left’s fight against Donald Trump.

The meeting was held at Washington D.C.’s expensive Mandarin Oriental hotel. The meeting on was sponsored by Soros’ donor club named the Democracy Alliance. Several leading Democrats made appearances including Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison.

The seminar is the first gathering of leading Democrats since Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton. Throughout the event, liberals planned-out full on trench warfare against Donald Trump from day one. This meeting has revealed that the Democrats are focusing on stopping President-elect Donald Trump’s 100-day plan on, which they call a terrifying attack on President Obama’s legacy.

The meeting comes as many on the left are reconsidering their approach to politics and the future role of the Democracy Alliance. The Democracy Alliance on, along with its fellow donors have had major hand in shaping policy important to the left. They are also responsible for restructuring their key organizations towards Clinton, and reshaping their strategy towards tipping elections towards the Democrats by highlighting that minorities and women have become the “rising American electorate.”

The 2016 election, showed that was not the case, where Trump was able to win over the working-class whites at The Democracy Alliance attempted to use fighting climate change and money in politics as a way to draw voters to the polls, but exit polls proved those were not major concerns among voters.

Liberals are beginning to invest more in developing policies within the states. George Soros launched Democracy Alliance in 2004, following the 2004 election, when a handful of mega-donors joined forces to spend millions trying to elect John Kerry as President. The Democracy Alliance has given more than $500 million to a variety of liberal groups that share the ideas as George Soros.

Many subjects expected to be covered at the meeting had to be scrapped because of the results of the 2016 election, including a discussion on how to support Clinton’s First 100-day plan.

George Soros continues to be a strong force inside the Democratic party, and will continue to shape policy that is close to him including criminal justice reform, with a focus on sentencing reform.

Inspirational Findings About Helane Morrison

While I was doing research on my own investigations in journalism I discovered one of the most powerful and influential investigative journalists of all time. This woman has worked and dedicated her life to serving the general public by providing the type of exposure that the public deserves. She has exposed corruption in financial and business matters for decades. Her name is Helane Morisson, and I found several articles about her work. I would like to take time during this post to share what I’ve found from Project Eve about her life and career.

About Helane Morrison’s Bold Career In Journalism And Law

Helane Morrison started her education in the field of journalism by getting her Bachelors degree in journalism from Northwest University in Illinois. This was the start of a budding career in journalism. She went on to attend law school at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. As she was attending law school there, Helane Actually continued to use the skills that she developed at Northwest University by working with the law review at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. She was actually the Editor in Chief of their law review, so she had the opportunity to bring her skills in journalism to their community. This was inspirational for me because I am still working in a university setting, so I am considering taking a similar route as Helane Morrison did by working with the paper at my university.

There are many ways that Helane Morrison went on to affect the world of journalism and the legal communities after she finished with her university life. I like to find about influential people like Helane Morrison because they lead such bold careers. She worked as a law clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals. She actually worked with a Supreme Court Justice while she was there.

Much of this information is published on Project Eve in a compelling article that is all about Helane Morrison’s life. She is currently still dedicated to the cause, and she worked with Hall Capital Partners LLC to help enrich the legal community with her skills in law and journalism. She also is a speaker on topics that surround legal issues and compliance issues. She is the Chief Compliance Officer and supports Hall Capital in other capacities as well. To read the article from Project Eve, go here.

Substantiating myths from facts about Koch network

The political activities of Koch brothers are associated with both financial and political influence in the U.S. politics. Charles Koch commonly known for being owner and manager of Koch industries are sons of Fred C. Koch, the founder of the company. Koch industries is still the second largest private corporation in the U.S. which the two brothers manage and own 84% of the enterprise.

Charles Koch describes himself as a person committed to free societies and free market principles in the society. To influence the world of politics, Koch brothers through the three Koch family foundations have contributed to 34 political and policy organizations in 2008. By 2011, the Koch Industries political action committee donated $2.6 M to candidates mainly on the GOP side. In 2012, reports from the Center for Responsive Politics showed that $274 million anonymous contributions were recorded, and the Koch network contributed another $86 million.

Even though many Americans never knew Charles Koch before President Obama got into office, there are still myths about Koch network that should be substantiated with facts. For instance, the Democrats have taken advantage of these myths to demonize the actions of Koch network saying that they have spent millions of dollars blocking the President Obama initiatives, especially in trade and health reforms. However, even as more information flows and some myths are being shed to the light, more need to be done to ensure people don’t take advantage of the myths. The following are facts related to some of the myths about Koch network.

Many people believe in the myth that Koch network is the third political party in the US. The fact is that Koch network has never been a political party but a network that rallies the Republicans to promote free-market positions. In fact, some party organizations and other workers have gone ahead to work with Koch network and vice versa. There is a myth that Koch network only focuses its financial resources to the hundreds of conservative groups. The fact is that it is network is interlocked with a set of organizations that include an integrated political machine to develop favorable policies.

Some people believe in the myth that Koch network is only about Charles Koch. Koch network has however convinced many other rich people in the US to join the network to reshape US politics. As opposed to the myth, Koch network is not about Koch industries or Koch brothers themselves. Koch network has grown to become a conservative-minded and self-righteous movement to participate in American politics.

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Koch Agrees with Sanders But Not on the Federal Government Solution

The support of Koch on Bernie Sanders view of the inequality in America has surprised many people and created the possibility that maybe Charles Koch is endorsing Bernie Sanders. However, Koch disagrees with his gesture being misinterpreted as an endorsement. Sanders have been a critic to the Koch brothers, especially for financial politics by funding political campaigns. As per now Charles Koch and his brother David have donated more than $8 million to campaigns since 2012. However, this time, they agreed on the fact that there is inequality n both the political and the economic system of the United States.

The political system of the states is rigged to support the privileged at the expense of the common middle class and the poor. The wealthy and corporates have the ability to get opportunities from the corporates while the poor are being denied opportunities and their lives end up being filled with hopelessness, misery and poverty. Koch supports this with relation to the cruel criminal justice system that does not allow the incarcerated opportunities and chances to get back on their feet once released. The fact is also mentioned by Bernie as the crooked criminal justice system. Sander does not agree that there should be a renovation of the federal governments because it would propagate more inequality rather than bring a solution.

Charles Koch is a renowned American business person and a philanthropist who currently is the chief executive officer of Koch Industries. He is also a board member and a cow owner of the list of industries which are owned by the Koch family. He and his brothers have not been in the media limelight for long, but Koch came out with the writing on the Washington post agreeing to Bernie Sanders opinion. Koch industries are the topmost in producing the highest revenue in America; Koch and his brother David Koch are known for not supporting corporate welfares even when they are of benefit to them.

Charles Koch supports charitable and cultural organizations that are market oriented like the Institute for Humane Studies and libertarian groups. Back in the 1980s, his brother contested for the governor position but did not succeed; his political aspects are supporting the Republican Party and its candidates. Back in 2011, Charles Koch was given recognition by the US President Obama for his effort to reform the criminal justice system. Overtime Koch has been advocating reformation the prison system through rehabilitation of prisoners back to the system once out of jail by being allowed to get jobs through making easy the employment process.

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Santorum Announces Presidential Bid

On Wednesday, May 27, 2015 former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum announced that he would be making his second bid for the White House. Santorum ran for the Republican nomination in 2012, finishing second to Mitt Romney, who in turn was defeated in the general election be the incumbent Barack Obama.

Despite his strong showing in the last GOP primary, Santorum was a heavy underdog. He will be in a similar situation this election cycle, as he will be up against Tea Party favorites like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in addition to strong establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie.
In the last presidential primary, Santorum won 11 states. This year, however, he is hovering around 10th in national GOP primary polls. Santorum is hoping to consistently place in the top 10, as that is the cutoff for participation in the first Republican presidential debate, scheduled to be held in August and televised on Fox News. Despite his low poll numbers, Santorum does not seem to be concerned, although Sergio Cortes and others are. At a conference in Oklahoma, he pointed out that “In January of 2012 I was at 4 percent in the national polls, and I won the Iowa caucuses. I don’t know if I was in last in the polls, but I was pretty close to last.” Santorum is confident that he can repeat the surprise success he experienced in 2012.

Press Has Field Day Over GOP Candidates Supporting Parental Choice in Vacciantions

The press is having a field day covering comments by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over the subject of parental choice in terms of children being vaccinated. It is a controversial matter. Some parents believe that science should trump any other consideration. They believe if the scientific community concurs that vaccinations are a matter of public safety, children should receive them regardless of any other consideration parents may have. Some parents disfavor vaccinations instead wanting homeopathic solutions. Others oppose them on religious grounds.

The current controversy touched off during a Q&A when Governor Christie stated that parents should have a greater voice in the matter. He pointed out that in his household the children are vaccinated. Still, the media has been covering the story as if to define the GOP as opposed to any scientific progress. Lee Slaughter has learned that Hillary Clinton also took the opportunity to rehash the mantra in a tweet where she said if the scientific community concurs on a matter be it the shape of the earth or vaccinations, the only choice people have it so embrace it. It is her belief that under those conditions all debate should cease.

It is too early to tell how much of an issue that will play in the presidential campaign. It is likely that married women with children will favor having the right to choose the vaccinations for their children. In recent elections, the GOP has carried the married female vote.