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Florida Mother Trapped in the Medical Marijuana Bureaucracy While Trying to Save Her Son

As the mother of an energetic 13-yearold boy, Renee Petro, like most any other mother, would consider doing anything to help her severely epileptic son said Gianfrancesco Genoso. According to Top Lawyers, Brandon has a mysterious condition called febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome. He was diagnosed in 2011, after suffering a fever, which landed him in a coma. When he awoke from his coma, Brandon began having frequent seizures, which have left him mentally impaired.

Doctors have placed Brandon on an assortment of antipsychotics and other highly manipulative drugs. The prescribed medication have helped to manage the seizures somewhat, however, mastering the dosages has become difficult. Too many, and Brandon would become lethargic. Not enough, or the wrong combination, and Brandon’s seizures would again be uncontrolled. Rene and Brandon’s father, who is an Army colonel currently deployed overseas, are deeply concerned about the prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Then Rene heard about Charlotte’s Webb, the non-high inducing form of medical marijuana that has helped many children with epilepsy overcome their condition. But, Rene and her family live in Florida, where using the potentially life-saving drug would be illegal. So, Rene took her son to California, where marijuana is legal, and with a doctor’s assistance, began treating Brandon with the cannabis, while tapering him off the pharmaceuticals. Brandon experiencedthree weeks of no seizures while being dosed the marijuana, as well as maintaining a better disposition.

Because Rene doesn’t want to break the law, she is forced to move herself, Brandon and his 10-year old sister to California, where the treatment that works for her son is legal. She only wants for her son to have a chance at a happy, normal life.

Tom Rothman: Sony’s Next Co-Chairman?

There has been a shake-up at one of the world’s most renowned Hollywood studios. Sony pictures have produced some mega hits such as Men in Black and The Amazing Spider-Man under the helm of co-chairman, Amy Pascal. In May, Pascal will be moving on to a new post in the Sony hierarchy to produce films instead. With her imminent departure, there has been a swirl of speculation as to who will fill her role. Several names have bubbled up including that of Tom Rothman. As reported by the Los Angeles Times,  Tom Rothman is the leading contender for the coveted position.

Tom Rothman brings decades of film industry experience to the table, with his own list of wildly popular and trend setting hits such as Avatar and Titanic. Both movies were box office smash hits. Avatar is considered one of the most cutting edge films of the twenty first century. Tom Rothman has worked with big named talent and Hollywood royalty, including James Cameron, who is the director for the aforementioned movies.

Oscar-winning movies such as “The Descendants” and “Black Swan” were produced under the Fox Searchlight division, which was founded by Tom Rothman. He was also one of the first presidents to spearhead that initiative. While at Fox Filmed Entertainment he rose to the post of chairman and chief executive officer before being let go in 2012.

Los Angeles Times further reports that Sony insiders believe the next co-chairman will come from inside the Culver City studio. If this is the case, Mr. Rothman is on that list as well. In 2013 he was picked by Michael Lynton, Sony Pictures Chairman and Chief Executive and Amy Pascal to head the Sony TriStar film brand in hopes of putting it back on the road to box office success. Read the full Los Angeles Times article by following the link below.

Gated Village in Netherlands Promotes Independent Living for Adults Living with Dementia

The Netherlands has created a special, gated village specifically for the elderly suffering from dementia. The gated village called Hogeweyk, is completely sustainable, and even contains a restaurant, a bar and a grocery store.

On the campus, 152 nurses, doctors and caregivers work around the clock to help patients as they need it, but they live a rather independent lifestyle. Because the community is gated and secure, the residents are free to roam about. From what Lee Slaughter (Theallenpartnership) has heard, they can take in a movie at the local theater, or they can stop for a bite to eat at the restaurant. They can even enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park before returning to their apartment.

Hogeweyk is, for all intents and purposes, a self contained village that promotes independence while still caring for and monitoring the elderly. It is considered a prototype that is likely to catch on in other European locations.

Whether or not such a village will be built in the United States remains to be seen, but the finding are absolutely positive, according to medical staff. According to researchers, the residents of the village are happier and healthier. They are also on less medication and feel a stronger sense of independence than residents of traditional nursing homes.

Mystery Man Shovels Snow From Boston Marathon Finish Line


This week the northeast part of the United States have been pummeled by the storm Juno. Parts of the northeast have seen blizzard conditions where they have received nearly 3 feet of snow. Major cities like New York and Boston were shut down for a period of time. As the Boston blizzard was slowing down twitter user, Phillip Hillman, witnessed a man shoveling snow from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Hillman snapped a picture of the man and put it on twitter. The picture spread like wildfire with people trying to figure out the identity of the man, even the Boston Police got in on it with no results said Sergio Lins Andrade.

Check out the story on to see the pictures and the tweets of the mystery man shoveling the finish line.

Eventually the man’s identity was confirmed. His employer, the Back Bay Social Club, confirmed that it was one of their bartenders, Chris Laudani. His manager said that during a slow spot Laudani stepped out to shovel the line. His manager also said that Laudani runs the marathon every year.

Something about this story brings a lump to my throat. Boston went through a traumatizing event together and they have stuck strong. The shoveling of the finish line shows how committed some are to honoring the memory of those killed and injured during the attack at the Boston Marathon in 2013. Boston Strong indeed.

The Life and Times of Sam Tabar

People are always asked when they are children what they wish to be when they grow up. The answers vary, with some of the most common answers being police officer, firefighter, doctor, nurse or star athlete. Attorney and capital strategist usually aren’t on the list, but after looking at the life Sam Tabar has led that may change.

 Sam Tabar has cultivated his interests into a life and career most people would envy. Very talented academically, Sam was accepted into the prestigious Oxford University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated with Honors near the top of his class. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, Sam decided he wanted to study law and was accepted into Columbia Law School.

Tabar’s eye for business  was first noticed when he became Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. This allowed Sam to gain further expertise in business law, And today, his business acumen is widely recognized by the mainstream, in fact, just last week CNBC released an article revealing Sam Tabar’s investment tips for the new year.

Due to his performance at Columbia, Sam was in high demand by a number of the world’s most influential law firms. After much consideration, Sam chose to accept an Associate position with the firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP and worked with clients on a number of issues related to hedge funds.

For three years, Sam counseled clients on such topics as hedge fund structure and formation, compliance issues, employment situations and many other topics. Yet while he excelled in his position, he wanted to do more with hedge funds, which is how Tabar became a key player in structural hedge fund development initiatives with the Sparx Group where he was responsible for a $2 billion project. Working with both individuals and institutional investors, Sam eventually compiled a list of almost 2,500 investors for the fund. Along with this, he helped his firm raise well over $1 billion in additional assets, which led to him being given even greater responsibility. In fact, Sam became so valuable to the business that its founding partners and CEO asked him to be actively involved in many of the firm’s major decisions regarding business development and investor relations.

The life of Sam Tabar has been one filled with challenges and accomplishment, and is one that will continue to be fascinating in the years ahead. Fluent in a variety of foreign languages including French and Japanese. I keep up with Sam through Twitter and currently he expects to continue his world travels while also staying actively involved in hedge fund management. Always a man that never turns away from hard work, the years ahead of Sam promise to be filled with continued challenges that he will conquer.

Laurene Powell Jobs: A New Beginning

For a long time, Laurene Powell Jobs was a behind the scenes figure. She gave discreetly to charity and though she came out to support her husband’s endeavors, she was not someone who was terribly well known in public circles. After Steve Jobs death, Laurene Powell Jobs has come out as a force to be reckoned with in both the philanthropic and social arenas. She has used 11 billion dollars she inherited to bring herself into some unique and exciting areas.

Jobs is no stranger to independence and money management. She grew up in New Jersey after receiving a degree from the University of Pennsylvania. After some time spent as a fixed income specialist and at Merrill Lynch Asset Management, she went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business. This is something that has guided Jobs’ work as she has move forward. She has a keen sense of how money works and what good it can do.

Many people were unsurprised when Jobs began to focus more on her work in human rights and education reform. For example, she co-founded the program College Track with journalist and businessman Carlos Watson. This program is designed to help low income and minority teens find their way to college, something that willl help shrink some of the difficulties that they are going to encounter as they move forward with their lives.

The Emerson Collective is a foundation that is meant to work towards a national change in the way we deal with education and immigration, and they put their money into partnerships, grants and investments with individuals and corporations who share their goals. The Dream Is Now is a campaign that was spearheaded by the Emerson Collective that is designed to bring attention and aid to the children of illegal immigrants and undocumented youth, highlighting some of the serious issues in around immigration in the United States.

While Steve Jobs was very clear on his distaste for politics and for politicians, it is clear that his widow does not share his views. Her interests in politics at this point are very clear, and she has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with as her campaigns move forward. Perhaps most significantly, she has become the biggest donor to the PAC Ready for Hillary, devoted to supporting the former First Lady’s run for president in 2016. She takes a keep interest in fundraising and in vocally supporting her causes.

Her role in politics at this point is evenly split between that of a donor, a fundraiser and an activist, and there are many ways that she should go if she would bend her formidable resources to the task. She is committed to her work with education and immigration work, and she has been more outspoken about her support for the Democratic party in recent years.

Jobs has gone on record praising Obama for Obamacare and she has offered her sympathy to the Democrats following the budget disputes in Washington

Jobs stands as a front runner for the new politically invested Silicone Valley denizen, and though her causes will remain the most important part of her work, it will be fascinating to see where she goes in the years to come.