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Universal Health Care vs Obama Care

Health care in the United States is a major concern and topic among citizens. They are observant of the help for global humanitarian rights and are baffled about the situation in their homeland. Millions of dollars are spent yearly to help with medical supplies and health care to countries in need, but yet Americans are being subjected to penalties if they don’t have insurance. said that medical health care is a human right and should be available to all citizens. For America to be considered as one of the richest countries over the world, citizens should have access to medical care. It is the only country besides Mexico that is a member of the Organizational for Economic Co-Operation and Development that don’t administer free medical care to its citizens.

Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and other countries have implemented Universal Health Care. In the United States, Obama Care is the solution to resolve the problems of heath care access. To issue a penalty to citizens for not possessing medical insurance is an outcry to most hard working citizens earning low wages. Statistics have its purpose, but it isn’t the true picture of Americans who don’t have medical insurance.

With divisions among the politicians, Obama Care seems to be the solution, but to the rest of the country, it isn’t. Consider the young or older employee who makes minimum wage and have to pay for high premiums. When visiting the Obama Care website, it is clear that the insurance premiums are unaffordable. Not all people work for the government where medical insurance is affordable and paid for by taxpayers. James Dondero understands this problem, but also indicates that many Americans mismanage their budgets.