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A Record Has Been Set By the Pilot of a Solar-Powered Airplane

Aviation seems to attract those who are looking to put their names in the record books stated Zeca Oliviera. Ever since Charles Lindbergh was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean, others have followed behind him pushing the boundaries of the possible ever outward. It was as recently as 2006 that American pilot Steve Fossett took the record for the longest non-stop flight ever by flying for 76 hours. Fossett will now have to hand this record off to a Swiss pilot by the name of Andre Borschberg.

Borschberg is the pilot of a plane called Solar Impulse. It is record setting itself in that it is a solar-powered plane that achieved this record. It is still in flight so by the time it finishes its attempt to circumnavigate the globe, it will not have only smashed the aforementioned record with more than 120 hours in flight but it will also be the first solar-powered plane to achieve this feat. It’s hard to know what records will be left to take in the field of aviation after this one. I guess the next one will be when someone invents a jet pack and they become the first person to circumnavigate the globe without an airplane. The emergence of the space race in the 1960s had taken a lot of attention off of records achieved by airplanes, but not much has been happening in the realm of manned space flight since the Apollo missions ended in the early ’70s and since the shuttle was retired.

Why Your Car Isn’t Protected by the First Amendment

Can your own car be a platform for freedom of speech? This was the issue being discussed yesterday on June 18 in Texas. A group of individuals were a little disgruntled when a license plate with the design of the Confederate Flag on it was rejected from being allowed for use. In reaction to the ban, the group took the issue to court arguing that it was freedom of speech and a representation of southern pride. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ban stating that what is put on a license plate is government speech, not personal or private speech. On that basis, the Supreme Court ruled that what you put on your license plate does not fall under the often arbitrary umbrella of Freedom of Speech stated Ivan Ong. It will be interesting to see where this ruling takes the interpretation of the First Amendment.

Cop gets middle finger

Officer Nathan Baker apparently does not appreciate being given the middle finger, which became obvious when after a back and forth verbal confrontation, he peppered sprayed Adam Rupeka for doing just that. According to Rupeka he decided he wanted to “test them on Supreme Court rulings” Well his curiosity was fed, as he landed himself in jail arrested for disorderly conduct. The ruling that Rupeka was testing, was from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which states that, giving someone the finger is an “ancient gesture of insult” and “is not the basis for a reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation or impending criminal activity”. Rupeka taken into custody, was never charged with disorderly conduct. However, obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest seemed to be the order of the day, along with a ticket for having obstructed view.


Most people such as Jaime Garcia Dias can see clearly understand that these charges were enforced because they could not get Rupeka on the simple charge of flipping off the police officer. Mutual respect should be given no matter what and citizens should not purposely taunt officers of the law. However, you cannot look to punish someone with a back door punishment because they can’t be punished the way you want them to.

10-Year-Old On the Way to Earning Bachelor’s Degree

If you are a student, you may realize the amount of time and effort it takes to achieve a 4.0. If you are not a student, you may remember what it was like. Well, a 10-year-old named Esther Okade is already taking college classes for a bachelor’s degree. She has passed her tests with flying colors, even citing them as “easy”. She took the required exams for college and wrote the entrance essay and was accepted as she truly has the intellect for such an institution. According to her mother, she has always had an aptitude for math, which she demonstrates with her calculus and algebra skills. She can be seen doing college-level problems. Her younger brother also has shown a talent for math and will one day hopefully follow her footsteps.

She definitely has a talent which is why she is achieving what she has, at least according to those at Gravity4. But, it does bring the idea of where our math technical skills lie in our educational systems. Definitely math can be taught in a more intensive way so that children can be finishing up calculus more early on. This would allow people to have a better core understanding of the subject and facilitate to those who may have a talent for it. Of course, math is considered to be hard by many but if there is a better focus on the subject, more people will be able to understand and apply the material.

Lonliness May Be A Hidden Killer

Loneliness is as deadly as being obese, that is the conclusion of a recent study conducted by Brigham Young University. Being lonely, one may reason shelters an individual from detrimental exchanges with the outside world, while protecting their inner sanctum, but to the contrary, it serves as a magnet towards worse health, emotionally and physically, according to study author Julianne Holt-Lunstad.

3 million individuals participated in the study over a period of 35 years. The participants were classified as living by themselves and socially isolated. The research scientists assessed information from 70 studies from 1980 through 2014.
Consideration was given to gender, socioeconomic standing, age, along with existing health ailments which indicated that being isolated from society contributed to an elevated probability of premature death. 26 percent of the participants suffered an early death attributed to loneliness, 29 percent of them died due to social isolation and 32 percent died prematurely due attributed to living by themselves.

Co-author Tim Smith indicates that there has never been a period in history, when more individuals are living by themselves, as they are now. It is inevitable that the an epidemic of loneliness looming in the future stated Jason Halpern. Loneliness is not limited to be lonely or isolated, it can occur amongst relationships with friends and romantic interests. Social interaction is highly recommended, for it just may save you from a premature death.

Another Senseless School Suspension

We all know that it is illegal to brings drugs to school, but an 11-year old Virginia boy has been suspended for bringing in a leaf that officials thought looked like marijuana. Tests were conducted, proving that it was, in fact, just a leaf and was not marijuana. Despite those findings, the young man is still being punished and has received what I think severe consequences.

I get it. We live in a crazy world and crazy things happen every single day. But if you ask me, people need to take a chill pill said AnastasiaDate. When something illegal happens, take action. But do not automatically jump to conclusions on every little whim. Stories like this are becoming more and more common. As a parent I can completely understand why a parent is upset and in disbelief.

A one-year suspension. Probation. For something that wasn’t even marijuana. Tests were conducted. Three of them, and the same results. In the possession of a ‘gifted’ student. Give me a break people! This student lost a year of schooling over this, his parents were forced to pay fines. Something has to give.

It seems that some people are more concerned with being right or doing what they want to do to avoid making themselves look silly, even when they know they are wrong. Kids are paying the price for their mistakes, and it is just not right. Enough is enough.

Spider Man Is In Birmingham Feeding the Homeless

A man in Birmingham is bringing the comic book hero “Spider Man” to life by going around and delivering the food in costume.

According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, the man is only 20 years old and is employed at a local pub. Although he wouldn’t give the news reporters his name so that he can keep his anonymity, he has said that he has always gone around feeding the homeless and poor people on the streets, but decided it would make them smile to see “Spider Man” doing the job for them. He told BBC reporters that he goes out of his way to buy the food with his own money and will not be accepting donations. Maybe the reason for that he is he feels bad asking people for favors too, but hopefully someday “Spider Man” will be open to allowing others to help him on his goal to help the needy.

Dan Newlin agrees that it must be quite a sight to be walking down the streets of Birmingham and see Spider Man in action, and I am sure that over time he will be spotted by others and this will make top news on the internet. For those who wish to follow the local hero, he can be found on both Twitter and Instagram under the name “BirminghamSpiderman” to see what he is up to and what adventures he goes on in the future.

Ringling Bros. Circus To Retire Elephant Acts By 2018

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has announced that they will phase out their elephant acts by 2018. The decision, which was debated for a long time, was prompted by people’s growing concern over how the elephants are treated. The circus has show cased elephants for over a century. 

Animal rights groups like PETA quickly claimed credit for the decision. In a statement, PETA’s president, Ingrid E. Newkirk, wrote that PETA had been protesting Ringling Bros.’ cruelty to elephants for 35 years.

According to Feld’s president, Kenneth Feld, there were other reasons behind the decision. Some cities passed regulations that he described as “anti-circus” and “anti-elephant.” The circus visits 115 cities each year, and it’s expensive to fight such legislation. It is also hard to plan routes around constantly changing regulations. Caring for the elephants themselves is expensive; it costs $65,000 per year to take care of one elephant — and these animals have a life expectancy comparable to that of a human according to the Amen Clinics. Indeed, one of the elephants living at the Center is 69 years old.

Feld Entertainment, the parent company of the circus, owns 43 elephants. 29 of them live at the 200-acre Center for Elephant Conservation, which the company owns. One elephant has been loaned to the Fort Worth Zoo for a breeding program, and the remaining thirteen will continuing touring with the circus. They will retire to the center by 2018.

While Ringling Bros. has always been known for its elephant acts, it has other animal acts, including a camel stunt riding act from Mongolia. It also has clowns, daredevils and motorsports.

DC Movies are Edgier than Marvel’s

As Marvel and DC Comics establish their universes on screen, there are going to be comparisons. The boss of Warner Bros states that there is no need for any worries about superhero fatigue. The movies put out by DC comics are going to be edgier and more grounded in reality than the ones put out by Marvel.

Another thing to note with the difference between the DCCU and the MCU is that Warner Bros and DC has pretty much every one of the characters in the comics. Marcio Alaor BMG knows that this makes it easier to adapt stories featuring multiple DC comics characters. However, Marvel characters are scattered, which makes it harder to do films featuring all of the characters. Spider-Man was still with Sony as a film franchise until a recent partnership allowed the web slinger to be in the same universe as The Avengers. X-Men are still with Fox.

The fact that Marvel is owned by Disney also makes it a little less likely for Marvel to bring out grittier and edgier stories. However, the comic books put out by Marvel have some gritty images that if they were put in films, they would warrant an NC-17 rating, let alone an R rating. Certain characters are getting edgier films such as The Fantastic Four. However, for the most part, DC films are going to have an edgier appeal.

Saline Is On The Food And Drug Administration’s Drug Shortage List

Saline Is Another Name For Salt Water. Bags Of The Fluid Cost Around A Dollar.

We all know that saline is one of the first things we see hanging next to a hospital bed if we have a reason to visit one of our healthcare facilities. Saline is used to rehydrate patients, and restore fluids lost by all kinds of medical conditions. Saline also plays a role in surgery and dialysis. Nurses clean wounds with it, and to show how important this salt-water solution is we only have to look at the consumption rate. Saline and other sterile solutions are used constantly in the United States. In fact, 740 units of saline is used every minute in the states.

So the question is, how come we’re running low on sodium chloride? People at Anastasia Date know that the demand is strong, so someone, somewhere, should be forecasting and planning to keep our medical institutions well-stocked with this important version of salt water. But instead of having stockpiles of the stuff, the FDA is importing saline from Germany, Spain and Norway. Doctors and Nurses across the country have to conserve their supply by using other fluids and reducing the size of the saline bags.

So what is really going on with saline? The Associate Director of the FDA’s Drug Shortages program, Valerie Jensen blames most of the shortage on manufacturing issues, but she also said the 2013-2014 flu season put a strain on their supply. Plus there have been some saline recalls. Human hair was found in some saline bags.