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Norka Luque Miraculously Finds Her Way to Her Childhood Dreams of Becoming a Singer

Norka Luque is a musician superstar from the Venezuela in the United States. She was born 7th February and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She was brought up by a socially rich family from distant places that exposed her to diverse life experiences, lessons, cultures and several languages. The exposure raised a desire in her of becoming an international singer and she believed that she was born to make one. As a child, Norka’s family supported her to attend music classes, and this formed a critical background to her musical career. In school, Norka won many several music awards during festivals, for example, the “ The festival of bagpipes” and “ La Voz de Oro” awards presented in the presence of some international artists like Juanes.


Today, Norka is an internationally well-recognized musician who broke into the career under the guidance of Emilio Estefan, a famous Latin Producer. Norka’s path to achievement of her dreams to be a singer is a great inspiration to many people. All through her life, Norka kept her mind in what she loved, music although she did not know how she would ever become an international singer. She believes in the happening miracles the same miracle that raised Emilio’s interest in her works and guided her path to greatness.


In 2011, Luque released “How You Do It” as her first song. This song composed Archie Pena, a Venezuelan made Norka be nominated for the year’s female artist at the “Lo Nuestro Awards.”

At the start of 2012, Norka released her second song which goes by the name “Milagro” which is also the album’s title. Archie Pena also composed the “Milagro” song and it produced in various versions with some of the foremost arrangers performing at the salsa version like Cucco Pena.


The Milagro song was later recorded to an English dance version “Miracle, ” and it was remixed by Dj Ralphi Rosario this was placed as the position eleven on the Billboard Dance Club. The songs new releases were continuously remixed and performed with the collaboration of EL Cata a famous urban artist. Norka new song is called “Tomorrowland” of which she is currently working on its release.

A Comeback Is Unfolding For Norka Luque

Norka Luque was out of the public limelight for a time. Now she is back with a new song, ‘Tomorrowland,’ and a music career that is firmly back in action. Her initial success in 2011 with ‘Come As You Do’ (Como Lo Haces Tu), stunned and gyrated in the Venezuelan Latin nightclubs. It then took off in the clubs of Puerto Rico and Miami. Her song ‘Milagro’ hit number 11 as a top song for several months on the Billboard Dance Charts. That song still rides high in the local Venezuelan Music Charts.
Norka came to prominence in Venezuela, singing Archie Peña songs. After her artistry became a viral hit, she was revealed to the whole world music scene. She was voted Female Pop Artist of the Year by Premios Lo Nuestro. On her second big single, Señor Peña’s ‘Miracle,’ she shined like the star she is. It shot up to Numero Uno (#1) in the pop salsa music chart, Record Report. She worked with the maestro on a great Club Mix version of Miracle. There is also a Dominican El Cat version of the same song.

The star power that Norka brought to her power to entertain has definitely benefited from her mentor, superstar Emilio Estefan. She also credits her close knit family in Venezuela for the phenomenal career her artistry has launched. She says her wealth of wonderful experiences in her childhood being raised in South America, along with being able to learn to speak many languages, to her view of full diversity. She has expertise in so many different genres of music that it was hard to settle down to select only one for the band’s focus. They settled for ballads, pop rock, garage rock, R & B, and tropical dance for their main focus.

Norka Luque is a muscled, tall, fit young woman. She has found to take on a lifestyle of high exercise and better diet. She has stated in the past that she is dedicated to following her training by a professional personal trainer. She has successfully lost weight using her trainer’s methods. Weight is what she says became a problem for her music career. Producer brothers, Ricardo Gaitan and Alberto Gaitan assisted Peña to produce this well-loved Norka album. The famous Puerto Rican technicians, Luis Giraldo and Cuco Peña, were also on hand to get the album absolutely perfect.

Impersonation of Michael Jackson Comes Naturally To One Sergio Cortes

Impersonation is a skill that takes a long time to learn. Many people have taken time to look and act like famous celebrities, with the most intriguing acts being that of the late Michael Jackson. Renowned and hailed as the king of pop, MJ, as he was widely known, had many followers. Some of these followers just enjoyed his music while others decided to make money out of his legacy. While the impersonation of MJ comes naturally to some people in terms of physical appearance, some have to undergo extensive surgery in order to resemble him. One example of a natural is Sergio Cortes.

This Spanish national comes across as MJ, not just in the way he looks, but also in the way he sings. He performs in Brazil under the support of Destiny Projects, an institution which focuses in identifying, nurturing and managing art. Cortes has created an artistic niche for himself with many people traveling from all walks of life just to see him performing. Those who have witnessed his skills can attest to the fact that he puts in a lot of time and effort to recreate and perform MJ’s songs, although his looks and vocal abilities make it a lot easier for him.

Watching Cortes on stage, one would think that it is MJ doing his act. He capitalized on these unique features in teenage years when people realized that he looked and sang a lot like the pop star. Since then, he has been hired to appear in many acts and concerts, with the most memorable being the tribute show in Madrid in 2012. During the event, he performed for two hours, showcasing the life and times of MJ through the star’s songs which he recreated.

Cortes stands out as the best MJ impersonator, not only because of how he looks and sings, but also because of how he dresses and dances while on stage. He has gained fame among lovers of the genre and has attracted people who want to meet an MJ impersonator. Needless to say, he has inspired many while advancing the legacy of the legendary musician. At least, for many who never got to meet the musician while he was still alive, they can get a taste of what he used to offer.

Indeed, the love and passion Cortes has for MJ has inspired many to believe in the power of art, and has attracted a lot of support from different corners of the earth.

You can follow him on Twitter.

Don’t Be Fooled By Others, Sergio Cortes Is The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

A person can go to certain places around the world and find someone trying to imitate Michael Jackson, even though Michael Jackson passed years ago. Michael Jackson is a star who will forever be imitated, maybe even 100 years into the future when his generation has passed and gone. Michael Jackson is a person who made timeless music, and the amount of fans that Michael gained in his lifetime is unprecedented. Although many speak of certain bands and other artists in history that were great, none are as well known or as well accomplished as Michael Jackson.

It’s because of Michael’s success, as well as the fact that he was an amazing person who was generous, why many have chosen to imitate the star. Sergio Cortes was a teenager when he wanted to imitate Michael Jackson, and Sergio set out to do just that. Sergio didn’t simply curl his hair, put on a suit, and start learning dance moves of Michael Jackson, but Sergio went the whole way and decided to learn everything about Michael Jackson. Sergio lives and breathes Michael Jackson, and he can tell anyone who Michael’s family members are and about his major hits.

Typical Michael Jackson impersonators feel that the hair and clothes are all that makes them a real imitator, but Sergio Cortes is completely different. Sergio has gotten to know some family members of Michael Jackson, Sergio met Michael Jackson personally, Sergio sings like Michael, Sergio looks like Michael, and Michael even supported Sergio being a Michael Jackson imitator. There are few imitators around the world that have gotten Michael Jackson’s stamp of approval, but Sergio did just that, and Sergio more than deserves the praise he gets for being a Michael Jackson impersonator. When it comes to dancing, Sergio can move just like Michael did.

Although Sergio can simply lip-synch to Michael’s music when he performs on stage, he does sing, and his voice sounds eerily similar to Michael’s as well. Sergio also has the facial features of Michael Jackson, which is what makes him the full package when it comes to being a Michael Jackson impersonator. Many who impersonate a star will do it for the money, but Sergio does it for the love of Michael Jackson, and he truly believes in what he does. Although there will always be Michael Jackson impersonators, there will never be one as good as Sergio Cortes.

The Singing of Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan performs as a baritone in through American operatic scene. Originally from Endicott in New York, he has worked with some of the best educational sectors in the country before becoming a professional. He has also performed with some of the top operas in the country as well and has been featured in several different prominent magazines and publications due to his skill and fame along the opera circuit.

Growing up, Brian Mulligan knew he wanted to become a professional opera singer. He did not want to sing pop or go the route of most other singers. He had a powerful voice that simply proved to be more in line with the opera than with a pop musician. Due to this, he eventually went to Yale University and then on to the Julliard School of Music with Stephen Smith as his primary instructor.

While still in school, Brian performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York in 2003, which made him one of the younger performers to ever work with the Opera. He has also worked with some other rather impressive operas throughout the years with some very powerful roles. He performed as Marcello in La Boheme for both the San Francisco Opera and the Houston Grand Opera. He performed as Jake Wallace in La Fanciulla del West for the New York City Opera, as Yelesky in Pique Dame for the Opernhaus Zurich in Germany, and as Enrico in Lucia di Lammermoor for the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

Additionally, outside of these locations he has also performed in some major roles for the Canadian Opera Company, the Washington National Opera, the English National Opera, the Metropolitan Opera and the Minnesota Opera. Some of the most recent performances and appearances he has made includes at several different festivals and one-time shows, such as at the Wexford Festival Opera, alongside the Cleveland Orchestra, at the Aspen Music Festival and he also made small, recent appearances with the Ravina Festival and Spoleto Festival USA and the Saito Kinen Festival, located in Japan.

Brian Mulligan is not just a performer that works with the opera though. He has also worked with some of the top orchestras in the world. This includes the Cleveland Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Deutsche Grammophon (which is available on DVD) and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. All of this has proven to be rather defining in his career.

Kanye West And Beck May Be Featured On The Same Album

Kanye West is known for interrupting stars when they are accepting their award on stage. He’s done it enough times to where he has been labeled as an “interrupter” for life. Kanye West & Beck. When Taylor Swift was in the beginning stages of her career, she received a Music Award that Kanye felt Beyonce deserved more. Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift on stage, and he told everyone that Beyonce deserved the award more. Fast forward to several years later, and Kanye then interrupted Beck on stage, and he must have remembered what the backlash was like the first time, and he turned around and left the stage.

Folks at Boraie Development know that although Beck tried to call Kanye back to say his peace, Kanye didn’t bother, but he had a lot to say when he was interviewed the same night. Beck was a good sport about the whole thing, but Kanye stated that he believed Beyonce deserved the award, and many people started hating Kanye West all over again. Although the incident is in the back of the minds of many people, it’s ironic to know that Beck and Kanye may end up on the same album together.

Kanye has been working with Q-Tip, who is a producer. Q-Tip was in the movie “16 Blocks” with Bruce Willis, and he also did a voice over several times in the show “The Boondocks.” Q-Tip will be working with both Kanye West and Beck, and they might end up on the same album together.

Lil Wayne’s “HollyWeezy” Video Is Out

We all love it when Lil Wayne comes out with new music. He always makes a couple of good songs here and there even if he’s not releasing an album at the time. Well this time, Wayne released a video of his new song from his latest album released in January ‘Sorry For The Wait 2’ called “HollyWeezy”.

Wayne is currently working on his new album ‘The Free Weezy Album’, but there are no dates set yet on when the album will be released with all the legal troubles surrounding Lil Wayne and Birdman, and nothing being resolved so far.

We don’t know if any of Weezy’s new music is going to be directed towards Birdman and Cash Money records or not, but we definitely know that Wayne had the biggest impact on the record label, and without him, they would just be another label. Fans like Jason Halpern ( know that Drake and Nicki have very tight relationships with Wayne and probably signed to the label in the first place because of him. It is amazing seeing all of them work together in the studio, especially Wayne and Drake.

In the latest video released of the song “HollyWeezy”, Wayne is rapping in Los Angeles in what appears to be a dark background. The scenery changes a lot and it shows images of many scenic places including the Hollywood sign, and other photos that would presumably have something to do with fame and his life.

Lil Wayne Goes Public About Cash Money Lawsuit

Lil Wayne is pretty regularly in the media, but his coverage in the media is usually never regarding a feud with long term friend and business associate Birdman. Birdman is the owner and CEO of Cash Money Records, and lately it has come out that Birdman owes Lil Wayne over 50 million dollars. These allegations are being refuted by Birdman, and this dispute is turning into a lawsuit that many say will not be resolved quickly. Gianfrancesco Genoso knows that this an issue that has been going on for many years, and it will take much investigation into the matter to resolve this suit.

It is sad to see Birdman and Lil Wayne part ways, but it will be for the best says Lil Wayne. Rolling Stone reports that Lil Wayne is trying to let this affect him as little as possible, but it is still something that is getting to him. There is just something about such betrayal that is hard to get over. There is not much that Lil Wayne can do right now except for wait. Lil Wayne desperately wants to release the Carter V, but he is not able to release it right now due to current label disputes with Cash Money Records. Only time will truly tell the out come of this crazy problem that Lil Wayne and Birdman are dealing with.

Taylor Swift Squashes Beefs At The Grammys

This year’s Grammys was a way for Taylor Swift to squash the beef with more than one person, that she may not have been getting along with, or she had a confrontation with the past. It’s unbelievable that anyone could be disliked by Taylor Swift, or that anyone would dislike Taylor Swift, but it is possible. Taylor Swift. When Kanye West decided to jump on stage in 2009, while Taylor Swift was accepting her award, it was a moment that no one will forget. The moment was revisited at this year’s Grammys, when Kanye also took to the stage, while Beck was accepting his award for Album Of The Year.

Many were outraged that Kanye stole Taylor Swift’s moment, especially seeing that Taylor had been somewhat new to the music scene, and it was her big moment. Even the President of the United States referred to Kanye as a “jackass” for what he did to Taylor. Many disliked Kanye for what he did, and for years to come, it should have haunted the star. Even after what Kanye did at the Grammys this year, he still made amends with Taylor Swift, and they were pictured talking to each other.

Not only did Taylor squash the Kanye beef, fans like Sultan Alhokair have heard that she also squashed the beef with Diplo, who went on social media trying to get a campaign started, in order to get Taylor Swift a butt! No hard feelings, because Taylor took a selfie with him. More on Alhokair can be found on Youtube.

Kanye West Just Plain Rude

A recent article on the Rolling Stone Magazine online site details rapper Kanye West’s behavior at the recent Grammy Awards ceremony. Once again, West popped up on stage when not invited, this time to complain about Beck receiving the album of the year award instead of West’s pal Beyonce.

While West behaved better than he did in 2009 when he ruined Taylor Swift’s acceptance of a VMA award, he still shouldn’t have been up on the stage at all running his mouth. The Rolling Stone article also showed a picture of West hanging out backstage with Kim Kardashian and other celebrities.

In my opinion, West shouldn’t be invited to award shows at all anymore. His rude and obnoxious behavior is unacceptable. He’s been given plenty of chances. Jaime Garcia Dias knows that while Beck said he wasn’t offended, that’s not the point. When young people see West acting like this on television and getting away with it, they are getting a really poor message about how to act. Enough is enough.