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Alan Taylor Talks About Directing the New Terminator Movie

Alan Taylor is the lucky man who found himself in the director’s chair of Terminator: Genisys. Maybe “lucky” is not the proper word to use to describe his tackling of the job. The first two films in the Terminator franchise are considered classics of the genre. The third and fourth films are deemed major misfires. Fans like Zeca Oliveira wonder: Can Taylor return the series to the glory days of the first two films while avoiding the mishaps of the latter two? We’ll find out in July of 2015. For now, we simply have to take the director’s sincere words on the new approach he took for the fifth film.

Taylor noted he wishes to focus on a “dysfunctional family” angle in the new film. Per Taylor, Terminator 2 focused on a “father/son” relationship. In the alternate timeline of the fifth film, the family unit is in a shambles. Hopefully, the action of the film will help beget an improvement in the family relationships of all involved characters.

In the new film, we learn Sarah Conner was raised by an emotionless T-800 killing machine. Yes, that is one dysfunctional family. The arrival of Kyle Reese could help change things for the better, but only if all three can escape the evil terminators sent to kill them.

Taylor also pointed out his goal with the new film is to return to the simplicity of the original outings. The proper mix of character development and action should help with such a goal.

Fans of Superheroes and Action-Adventure Will Have a Lot to Look Forward to in Theaters

Perhaps seeing the box office success Marvel has had, DC Comics and their business partners are hard at work expanding their franchise onto the big screen. They already saw some success with “Man of Steel,” and now a sequel to this movie is planned for release in a year. It will be called “Batman V Superman,” and there is much speculation swirling around about it. The most basic point of speculation, of course, is that both of these characters are supposed to be good guys, so what is with the “V” between their names in this latest movie? There is some speculation on about how these two heroes initially come to blows. At first, it was thought that Batman would be going after Superman, but the latest rumors indicate it will be the other way around.

Fans at Anastasia Date ( already assume they know that Superman and Batman will end up reconciling and getting together with other DC comic universe characters and forming the Justice League. Fans of the justice league cartoon as kids will be looking forward to DC expanding their comic universe onto the big screen to bring us future adventures of this band of superheroes. First, we have the Avengers films and the spin-off for each of their characters. Then we get new Star Wars films coming from Disney. Now, DC comics will be expanding onto the big screen with more of their characters. Fans of science-fiction and action-adventure are going to be loving the next few years worth of theatrical releases.

Buffett Dates a Queen

Warren Buffett, the billionaire investment genius, was recently invited to the Academy Awards, but for the second year in a row, he declined the invitation. Could it be that like many, if we’re being honest, he doesn’t like to get dressed up, act all proper-like, put on a pretentious show, and sit for hours listening to boring speeches from people who are quite often just full of themselves? Or, could it be that he just really likes ice cream? After all, he indicates that he is ditching the Academy this year so that he can take himself out for ice cream from Dairy Queen, the chain that his Berkshire Hathaway company probably owns. See this by clicking here. Should it be surprising that he might rather be with Dennis the Menace than Oscar? Fans like Marc Sparks know that he is, after all, the guy who went to the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City and ordered not a martini but a Cherry Coke to drink.

The Hutts May Be Returning To Star Wars

With the release of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens less than a year away, the number of rumors leaking out about the movie and future Star Wars productions is increasing.

The latest rumor regarding The Force Awakens is the gangsters of the Star Wars universe may be returning. According to Latino Review, multiple Hutts may appear in the movie. Furthermore, these Hutts will not be created with CGI effects, but rather they will be robotic creatures or puppets similar to how the original Jabba the Hutt was created forReturn of the Jedi.

Latino Review also said the models made for the Hutts would also be used for the first Star Wars spinoff film in order to save money. This adds further fuel to a previous rumor that sets and props would be shared between The Force Awakens and the spin off movie.

While it is still unknown to fans like Paul Mathieson what part the Hutts would play in The Force Awakens, it has been suggested that the spin off movie might involve a story about bounty hunters being sent to steal the plans of the original Death Star.

In related rumor news, Total Geeks reported that Tatiana Maslany, star of Orphan Black, has been signed to play the lead role in the first spin off movie. It is unknown what character Maslany would play in the movie, which is scheduled release in December 2016.

Batman Versus SuperMan Hot Topic

The release of Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 is already creating quite a buzz amongst fans like Dr Rod Ronrich and fans of movies and superhero trilogies alike. The ultimate battle between the 2 most famous superheroes in comic book and movie history is sure to create large lines of fans when the film is released.

Backlash is already underway, largely attacking Ben Affleck and his so-called tired and weary take on the infamous Bruce Wayne character. Fans of Batman and Superman are taking to forums to both attack and defend their favorite characters, from the way the movie is plotted out to the supposed actors chosen for the roles they play.

Win or lose, this movie is creating a box office buzz years before its initial release. Time will reveal if the movie will be a large success or a major flop as fans clamor to the theater to see their favorite actors in action against one another.

Rothman Remains Raging Force in Entertainment Scene

With box office heavy weights like “Avatar” and “Titanic” under his belt, American film executive Tom Rothman has a long track record of leading the way for the creation highly successful films.

Those two movies, the all-time highest grossing silver screen productions, are just the tip of the iceberg for the Maryland-born Rothman, who has come a long way since he started his professional life as an English teacher and varsity soccer coach.

These days Rothman is the chairman for a new undertaking involving Sony Pictures, where he will lead the charge to make movies and television shows under TriStar, a partnership dubbed TriStar Productions. Judging from Rothman’s past career successes, Rothman’s new role brings an element of exciting promise to this fledgling joint venture.

The 1976 Brown University graduate completed his education at Columbia Law School in 1980, where he earned the highest academic honor as a James Kent Scholar. Rothman then brought that work ethic to the United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit as a law clerk in 1981.

Rothman went on to spend four years as a lawyer with the entertainment law firm Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, marking the beginning of his decades-long association with the movie and television industries.

By 1986 Rothman had co-produced the critically acclaimed “Candy Mountain” with Robert Frank and the black-and-white independent film, “Down By Law” with Jim Jarmusch. A year later, Rothman was named Executive Vice President of Columbia Pictures, where he managed all sides of movie production. By 1989 Rothman moved on to Worldwide Production for the Samuel Goldwyn Company, where he took the lead in the creation of widely recognized independent films like “Henry V,” “Longtime Companion” and “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Over the years Rothman also helped jump start the careers of some well-known filmmakers including Anthony Minghella, who won an Academy Award for Best Director as a result of “The English Patient,” and Kenneth Branagh, who wrote, directed and starred in the adaptation of “Henry V.”

In 1994 Rothman started his 18-year career with Fox, having founded Fox Searchlight and serving as president of the up-and-coming film production outfit. Rothman remained in leadership positions during his time there, having served with Jim Gianopulos as chairman and chief executive officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment until he left the company in late 2012.

Rothman’s run at Fox brought the company the most favorable profit margins of any film studio – movies made under the Fox banner brought in about $30 billion at the box office.

Some of the films produced during Rothman’s tenure include “Cast Away,” “Black Swan” and “Walk the Line,” and he brought television audiences shows such as “Modern Family” and “Glee.”

Steven Spielberg selected Rothman to produce one of his latest works, “Robopocalypse.” One of his other upcoming projects is an untitled 2015 film starring Meryl Streep and directed by Robert Zemeckis.