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FreedomPop to Offer 4G for Free in the UK

FreedomPop has become one of the fastest growing mobile service providers in the world, and this is of no mistake. The company offers several different services throughout the United States as it allows customers to receive free access to data, text and message services. While all of these services are limited, customers can purchase added minutes, texts messages or data for a very low rate, often saving them hundreds of dollars over the course of a single year against a more traditional mobile phone provider. With the quick expanding inside of the United States (nearly one million customers within three years), FreedomPop is moving to other regions of the world and currently it has its eyes set on on the UK. Not only is FreedomPop moving into the UK, but it is going to be offering 4G for free to its UK customers.

Offering Free Services

FreedomPop on engadget is going to continue its services throughout the UK and the rest of the world as it pushes to expand. In order to bring in more customers and attract them from their current service providers, FreedomPop is offering the free services. With the FreedomPop free service, customers receive 200 minutes, 200 text messages and up to 300 MB of data, all over a 4G connection. This way, the data connection is fast and customers do not need to worry about suffering through slower data connections. With the service comes the ability to connect to a wide number of Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the country, so while 200 MB isn’t a huge about, it is able to last longer thanks to the Wi-Fi offering. Once that is all used up, a customer is able to purchase a data package or other amount without spending anywhere near what they might spend on their typical monthly rate.

Expanding Throughout the World

FreedomPop is expanding not only throughout the UK but throughout the world as well. While the UK is the first stop over for the growing mobile service provider, it is going to be expanding to other countries within Europe as well as southeast Asia. In fact, it has a very large plan in the works to expand its services throughout southeast Asia and, by doing so, it is going to instantly increase the number of customers it has by more than Verizon and the customers the company has inside of the United States. It is going to be that substantial.