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Microsoft Offering Jobs to Individuals Diagnosed with Autism

The United Nations in New York City recently held an event to advocate for people with Autism, and also in celebration of Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. The message of the New York gathering was “Autism, The Employment Advantage” .

Microsoft, the king of software, is well known for their work with people suffering disabilities, giving these people a chance to shine in important positions. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for someone with a disability such as Autism to find a work. Microsoft’s Flavio Maluf (read more at is changing that, in a new pilot program being offered which focuses on providing people with Autism full time jobs.

There is a wide range of opportunity for these individuals, each position offering something different for each person. Microsoft explains that people with Autism are often very detail oriented, and skilled with math and computer coding. Definitely qualities Microsoft needs in their employees, and they don’t plan on overlooking any body just because they have been labeled by society as “disabled”.

The company plans to help reduce the harmful stereotypes people with disabilities often face, while also giving them a chance to earn a good paycheck, gaining the confidence that was knocked out of them too many times by intolerance.