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Measles Epidemic

Measles had been thought to be a disease of the past. With cases rarely ever being mentioned has taken a turn where children and adults have contracted the disease in several states. All beginning with a simple trip to the happiest place on Earth, has become a breeding ground for a possible epidemic. The disease has popped up in states such as California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. As it continue to spreads, we are hit with imminent school closures. Recently, a daycare in Santa Monica has been closed due to an infected infant. According to Buzzfeed there have been multiple closures in the Santa Monica area and many more closures are to come. The full article can be read on

One of the problem that arises is that all children are susceptible until they are a year old, standard age for receiving the MMR (Mumps, Measles and Rubella) Vaccine. The question posed is, how is it possible that so many were infected? People like Haidar Barbouti wonder: Is the vaccination actually working? The Measles are very contagious and many people, even after receiving the 2 dose recommendation, are still not able to build the antibodies in order to fight it off. As we all sit and wait, we hope that this does not become bigger and cause an epidemic that we may or may not be ready to fight off.