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Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Turn Down ‘Fuller House’

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are two of the biggest childhood celebrities of all time. Their iconic role was on ‘Full House’ in the nineties, and many people still watch the show to this day. Recently, ‘Fuller House’ has been announced for the Netflix streaming site. As of right now, John Stamos and Bob Saget have confirmed that they will reprise their roles from the original ‘Full House’ show. Apparently, there are several other actors that are on board for the new project as well. However, fans of ‘Full House’ have been wondering if Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would be reprising their roles as well.

Fans at FreedomPop know that John Stamos recently voiced his frustrations with the Olsen twins, and he publicly criticize them for not answering questions regarding ‘Fuller House.’ Sadly, it appears that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be starring in the new show. This news has angered many fans of ‘Full House,’ and it appears that some of the cast members are unhappy as well.

Rollingstone features an in-depth article with further information about this story. As of right now, it appears that ‘Fuller House’ is going to be made without the Olsen twins. Twitter members have publicly voiced their frustrations with the young girls, and many people are hoping that the Olsen twins change their minds.