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About White Shark Media

White shark media is a successful online or digital marketing company that targets small to medium-sized enterprises in North America and Latin America. The company is owned by three Danish brothers who saw a niche in the digital marketing world and manipulated it to their full advantage. The company white shark media was founded in 2011. The CEO of the company is called Alexander Nyagrt. He acknowledges that the company is growing very fast and is gaining a dominating presence in the North American Digital market. Alexander Nyagart also states that the company is an expert at keyword optimization which in-conjunction with delivering a world class customer service and customer experience for each company they work with.

Choosing White Shark Media for digital marketing

The founders of the company have a wealth of experience in online and offline marketing. Their goal was to target the Small and medium-sized businesses in Latin America and North America with superior and effective services for the SMB’s. Also, they wanted to deliver efficient service to the SMB’s by providing their vast knowledge and expertise and giving every company a unique experience.

Partnering with Google

After taking on the business, the company decided to partner with Google earning it a good place in the collaboration and in Google’s books. Three years after the business started, the company now has approximately over 150 staff in three countries. The close business collaboration has seen the company White Shark Media receive an award from Google.

The Future of White Shark Media

The company is continuously re-engineering to deliver first-class services to its clients. White Shark Media has recently developed cost- effective solutions for its customers in the SMB sector. It requires such skill and dedication despite growing competition.