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White Shark Media Now Lets You Keep Your Existing Successful Campaigns

White Shark Media is loved by so many customers. One reason for that is that they are committed to their customers’ success. When customers arrive with an existing Adwords campaign, White Shark Media knows that their job is to make it better and bring in better results. A complaint that they sometimes received was that the clients had good campaigns before they arrived at White Shark Media that were doing better than their current campaigns.

White Shark Media took this into account, as they always do with the feedback that they get. First of all, if a client has a campaign that is already performing well, they will get to keep that campaign. There is no reason to give it up, unless they feel that the campaign is not doing well. If it is, White Shark Media will use whatever aspects of the campaign that they can. They will keep it for at least a few months, or until White Shark Media’s new campaigns start producing even better results.

In addition, each strategic advisor at White Shark Media is overseen by a supervisor. Each supervisor has only three to five strategic advisors under his or her supervision. This way, strategic advisors are able to provide individualized support that is customized to each client. They are able to spend time with each client and make sure that their campaigns are doing well. If a campaign is already doing well, of course, then the strategic advisor will decide to keep that campaign and import it when they join White Shark Media.

Thousands of customers trust White Shark Media. The things that stand out in their online reviews are the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, the punctuality of the staff, and the ROI.