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Technical Steps Slyce Made In 2015 And Its Direction In Growth

2015 was a good year for the technology-based industries. The year was marked by numerous inventions and innovations that saw the entire industry grow. The world’s leading provider of image search solutions, Slyce, also has various notable success in its technical sector. One of the things any of this firm’s clients must have noted its improvement in 2015 is the firms image recognition services. These services were greatly improved to provide clients with search results faster. With the introduction of 4G network, Slyce went ahead and greatly improved its servers response to achieve great search speeds.

On top of this, the search results for the images were greatly refined. This made sure that Slyce clients were able to receive accurate search results for their images. In instances where the firm felt the search results provided were not sufficient to the customers then the results were compliments with related search results. This made sure that this firm’s services users were fully satisfied with the services they received. This firm also placed a lot of emphasis on the development of search systems that enables easy customer use. This move was aimed to serving the new clients on board to making sure that they enjoyed their experience using the services.

The product feeds system automation was also improved through its expansion. This expansion allowed for easy packaging of the firm’s products and increase its capabilities. In October, Slyce released a new set of products to its mobile visual search platform. This allowed the expansions of their services to cover more products. This firms Universal Scanner was also incorporated into more retailers systems. This allowed the firm to use the retailers databases to support the search results for their clients. This also enabled clients using the search services to easily order and pay for products if they wish to purchase. The improved Universal Scanner also facilitated easier automated recognition for searched objects. This new scanner allowed physical objects alongside non-watermarked printed material to be easily recognized.