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Chicago Judge Sides With Young Computer Whiz Not United Airlines And Orbitz

Aktarer Zaman Launched A Website To Buy Cheap Airline Tickets Last Year And He Was Slapped With A Lawsuit

When was started by a young New York City computer whiz, frequent flyers knew exactly what the website was offering them. Business travelers call it the “Hidden City” approach to buying airline tickets. United Airlines found out about the website, they realized the glitch in their routing program was going to lose a substantial amount of revenue unless they did something about it. Amen Clinic reports that the airline teamed up with Orbitz and filed a lawsuit in Chicago ( Both companies wanted to stop selling what they were selling.

But a Chicago judge recently ruled that his court did not have jurisdiction because the defendant didn’t live or work in Chicago. Aktarer Zaman, the owner of, came out of the lawsuit on top.

The reason United and Orbitz wanted to stop Zaman was simple. He was helping people find cheap tickets. Zaman would help travelers book a flight with a connection and then never take the second portion of the trip. Zaman doesn’t make a lot of money from the website, but now that the lawsuit is over he might reach out to investors and make a real business out of his hobby.