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Ricardo Tosto Explains Types of Crimes under Brazilian Law

Brazil’s legal system is a civil law legal system, meaning that jurisprudence and precedent are less important than the interpretation law as written. However, there are a number of principles of jurisprudence enshrined in the Brazilian Criminal Codes as well as other laws.

One such issue is the distinction between crimes of danger versus crimes of damage in Brazilian criminal law. The law considers crimes of danger to be those which involve creating a perilous situation for a person or to property, whether a person intended to create harm or not. These crimes can be compared to those crimes in common law which do not require specific intent, also known as strict liability.

Crimes of danger can be further subdivided into abstract and concrete crimes. In concrete cases, the state must prove that a real danger existed for a crime to have been committed. On the other hand, in abstract crimes of danger, this state of danger is already assumed the court.

Crimes of damage, on the other hand, take into consideration the state of mind of the defendant. In order to be guilty of murder, theft, or battery, for example, you must have intended to cause harm to a person or their property.

Attorney Ricardo Tosto has been practicing law in Sao Paulo for over 25 years. A graduate of one of Sao Paulo’s top law programs, Ricardo Tosto is well known as one of the country’s best litigators.

Ricardo Tosto  fascinated by the law and practices in a number of areas, including criminal and election law. In addition, Ricardo Tosto is a co-founder of a Brazilian foundation for the study of electoral law and frequently publishes on legal topics in scholarly journals. Ricardo Tosto also enjoys mentoring new lawyers and helped many aspiring attorneys launch their careers.

Tips on Becoming a Lawyer, from Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck's Tips on Becoming a Lawyer
Karl Heideck’s Tips on Becoming a Lawyer

When you are looking into becoming a successful attorney, it will be necessary that you find some tips that will be helpful to you. If you want to make the absolute most out of your career, start out by getting the most out of these tips below. These guidelines are set forth by Karl Heideck, and will allow you to truly make the most out of your time as a professional attorney. In this regard, read below and use the following strategies to get all that you can out of your legal career.

What should I know about Karl Heideck?

Karl Heideck is one of the most renowned lawyers in the Philadelphia area. He has been operating as a lawyer in the greater Philadelphia area for more than 10 years. During this time as a lawyer in the state of Pennsylvania, Karl Heideck has dealt with corporate litigation of all types.He is a graduate from both Swarthmore College and Temple University and currently works for Hire Counsel.

What advice does Karl Heideck offer?

For starters, he suggests that you make the absolute most that you can out of the college years. It will not get any easier to build your network of contacts. It is during this time that you will meet some potential lifelong friends who will be great business contacts for you as time goes on.You also need to keep in mind that it is a small world in the legal field, so do everything that you can to never burn bridges. When you make the most out of every relationship, you can feel great about your potential to succeed.Finally, be sure that you learn all of the requirements of the state bar association. The more that you understand about your State Bar’s requirements, the easier it will be for you to get all that you can out of the timetable when becoming a lawyer. You need to pass the state bar exam, and also make sure to satisfy any requirements when setting forth and receiving your license.When you follow these strategies, it will be much easier for you to get started well under a career of becoming a lawyer.

Vermont Governor Promotes Amnesty Day

More than 22,000 people in Vermont have suspended licenses because they couldn’t pay their fees. Many were teenagers when they received their tickets and were never able to pay off their fines because the fees stacked up over time.

Vermont’s governor, Peter Shumlin, and other state officials believe that offering a one-time amnesty might solve many problems the state’s law enforcement officers currently face with unlicensed drivers:

As Zeca Oliveira understands it, a lot of unlicensed drivers drive without licenses or insurance because they rely on their cars to get them to work or school. Some have become impoverished because they refuse to break the laws and drive without a license and insurance. As as a result, they’re not contributing as much to local and state tax revenues. Additionally, when tens of thousands of these tickets go unpaid, there are fewer revenues to help law enforcement and others protect and serve the public.

On March 20th, unlicensed drivers in Vermont with tickets older than 75 days past due can pay $20 to clear the slate completely. Afterward, they can then apply for a driver’s license and insurance.

The program is in an initial testing phase and will only be rolled out to a few counties within Vermont. If successful, it will then be initiated state-wide. As of today, the governor does not yet have estimates of how much this program will benefit drivers and local and state coffers.

Vermont Considering Legalizing Marijuana

Vermont could add hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue if they legalize marijuana, said a study released on Friday.

The study comes at a time when states across the country are increasingly exploring the potential budgetary benefits of taxing the marijuana industry.

In Vermont, the Rand Corporation concluded that marijuana taxes could, in theory, generate between 20 million and 75 million dollars a year for the state.

The highest figure could be achieved through what the report calls “tourism marijuana and illicit exports.”

The preface to the report, which recommends whether or not the state should legalize marijuana, said it seeks “offer information for debate.”

Although the study was prepared for Vermont, the report says that its findings could be useful for other states pondering the legalization of drugs. As Marc Sparks knows, the substantial income, however, are not guaranteed.

“If the federal government intervened to curb traffic across borders (state) or another state in the northeastern region decided to legalize marijuana and impose lower taxes, this potential revenue might not materialize,” said the report.

“In fact, as marijuana can flow across borders in both directions, the prospects of Vermont getting substantial tax revenues for their own residents would be much less promising if one of its contiguous neighbors legalize marijuana for lower taxes.”

Gov. Peter Shumlin thinks the state will follow the pattern of Washington and Colorado and legalize marijuana, but has said he wants to see what happens in the other states before making a decision.

Press Has Field Day Over GOP Candidates Supporting Parental Choice in Vacciantions

The press is having a field day covering comments by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over the subject of parental choice in terms of children being vaccinated. It is a controversial matter. Some parents believe that science should trump any other consideration. They believe if the scientific community concurs that vaccinations are a matter of public safety, children should receive them regardless of any other consideration parents may have. Some parents disfavor vaccinations instead wanting homeopathic solutions. Others oppose them on religious grounds.

The current controversy touched off during a Q&A when Governor Christie stated that parents should have a greater voice in the matter. He pointed out that in his household the children are vaccinated. Still, the media has been covering the story as if to define the GOP as opposed to any scientific progress. Lee Slaughter has learned that Hillary Clinton also took the opportunity to rehash the mantra in a tweet where she said if the scientific community concurs on a matter be it the shape of the earth or vaccinations, the only choice people have it so embrace it. It is her belief that under those conditions all debate should cease.

It is too early to tell how much of an issue that will play in the presidential campaign. It is likely that married women with children will favor having the right to choose the vaccinations for their children. In recent elections, the GOP has carried the married female vote.