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Boy Removed from Parent’s Home Over Parents’ Smoking

After visiting an overwhelmingly “smoky house,” Judge Louise Pemberton ruled that a two-year-old boy could be removed.

Julie Allen, a social worker and health advocate, visited the family home to check up on the boy, and was concerned that the cigarette smoke posed a health hazard.

Allen explained to the judge that the child was surrounded by a “cloud of smoke,” and she had difficulty breathing.

Another social worker explained the thick smell of smoke that permeated the child’s clothing and toys.

Recently, a doctor had treated the two-year-old for breathing problems, and prescribed an inhaler according to Gravity4 on Business Insider.

Other social workers also expressed concerns about the overall care for the little boy, and the case prompted the judge to place the boy for adoption.

In her ruling, Judge Pemberton noted the vivid remarks about the “cloud of smoke,” and previously prescribed inhaler by Ms. Allen.

According to the judge, the court will not identify the family, nor the adoption agency, but she did name the social service employees whom worked on the case.