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Kanye West And Beck May Be Featured On The Same Album

Kanye West is known for interrupting stars when they are accepting their award on stage. He’s done it enough times to where he has been labeled as an “interrupter” for life. Kanye West & Beck. When Taylor Swift was in the beginning stages of her career, she received a Music Award that Kanye felt Beyonce deserved more. Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift on stage, and he told everyone that Beyonce deserved the award more. Fast forward to several years later, and Kanye then interrupted Beck on stage, and he must have remembered what the backlash was like the first time, and he turned around and left the stage.

Folks at Boraie Development know that although Beck tried to call Kanye back to say his peace, Kanye didn’t bother, but he had a lot to say when he was interviewed the same night. Beck was a good sport about the whole thing, but Kanye stated that he believed Beyonce deserved the award, and many people started hating Kanye West all over again. Although the incident is in the back of the minds of many people, it’s ironic to know that Beck and Kanye may end up on the same album together.

Kanye has been working with Q-Tip, who is a producer. Q-Tip was in the movie “16 Blocks” with Bruce Willis, and he also did a voice over several times in the show “The Boondocks.” Q-Tip will be working with both Kanye West and Beck, and they might end up on the same album together.