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Dancing Legal Again in Japan

After World War II, Japan issued a law banning public dancing. Venues had to obtain special dance licenses from the government, and even with the license, dancing had to cease by midnight. This law was put into effect in order to try to reduce the prostitution issues in the clubs and late night venues. After 67 years, and a petition with over 150,000 signatures, the dancing ban has been lifted! The new law will officially go into effect next year. Part of this move by Japanese government is the country coming into the 21st century, and part of it has to do with Japan’s preparations for the 2020 olympic games.

While Japan has lifted their ban, and plans to make everything official next year, Sweden still has a very similar dance ban in place says Susan Mcgalla in this article. Public dancing is illegal in Sweden, unless a venue or club has a special license. While a motion to abolish this law has been brought to the government in Sweden, it has continued to fail to pass. Maybe one day public dancing can be a freedom all over the world, but until then, the movers and shakers of this world will have to make due.