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An Entrepreneur With Vision, John Goullet Sets the High Bar for IT

John Goullet is synonymous with success for entrepreneurs, having worked on both ends of the staffing and consulting side in the IT industry with many years of experience behind him. His promising career began as an IT consultant and in 1994, John Goullet made the decision to branch out into a higher position as an IT staffer. This transition marked the beginning of his burgeoning success in the IT marketplace, since it gave him the kind of varied experience to see things from two different perspectives.

All that was left at that point was for Goullet to apply what he knew of the budding industry trends in the technology industry and from that way of thinking, he founded a major IT staffing company used across the country by some of the nation’s leading fortune 500 companies, Info Technologies. Through John Goullet’s leadership the company thrived in the marketplace, landing it at a net worth of $30 million in only five short years and making it one of Inc. Magazine’s top private firms experiencing rapid growth.

Being the visionary that he is, John Goullet found the most promise in furthering his company’s success by combining Info Technologies with Diversant, Inc, leading to the company to change from Diversant, Inc, to Diversant, LLC, with john at the head in the position of Principal. Utilizing his brilliance as a seasoned leader and vision chasing entrepreneur, John has demonstrated nothing short of impressive leadership qualities in steering Diversant, inc, in the right direction on many occasions.

Even in times of economic struggle, the company has seen nothing but growth under his influence. Through his practice of careful discipline and pride in his work, the company has received its reputation as the largest African-American ran company in the US. Diversant holds a minority certification with pride and is considered one of the most quality companies in the market to do so.

Working as the Principle of Diversant, John Goullet has continued to hold the mantra behind the company in high regard. Not only for himself, but for his co-workers and those who are employed as affiliates of the company the states over.

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