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The History Of Goettl Air Conditioning And The Remarkable Difference Made By Ken Goodrich

Ken Goodrich specializes in purchasing broken businesses. He did this fifteen times before he bought Goettl Air Conditioning in 2013. Goettl was a family run company since 1939. Adam and Gust Goettl founded the company but the business was not making a profit. There were legal matters due to the former owners that although resolved had damaged the company’s reputation. Mr. Goodrich began talking to his employees about the importance of making a good impression on their customers. They also became involved in charitable initiatives and in their community.


Ken Goettl rebuilt the company. His employees became motivated, positive and excited about the business. The company was rebuilt and grew over 500 percent. They have expanded from Arizona to Southern California, Las Vegas and Tucson and their annual revenue is over $50 million. The once troubled company is going strong.


Over three-quarters of all homes located in the United States have air conditioners. The market is a projected $167 billion dollar industry by the year 2024. Although there is a lot of competition, Goettl’s strategy is working. Goettl has become a leader in the HVAC industry. They have been shaping the heating and air conditioning fields for numerous years. Their focus is to provide the best possible services and their commitment is unmatched.


The Goettl brothers beginnings were in Mansfield, Ohio in the year 1926. After several years the three brothers, Bill, John and Adam relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. They were looking for opportunities since this was during the time of the Great Depression.


The brothers founded Goettl Air Conditioning and it was originally based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The company eventually became known internationally as a pioneer in their industry. They mass produced a variety of units including evaporative coolers. They became experts in cooling and heating technology. At one point in time the Goettl brothers had well over 100 patents.