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House Cleaning Quality and Convenience

Okay, you’ve finally admitted it to yourself. You can no longer keep up with a career, two kids in after-school activities and the housecleaning. Something has to go. The housecleaning must be turned over to someone else. But who?

Luckily, Handy Home Cleaning Services has made the whole process easy for you. From screening all of their employees to background checks and references, Handy Home has done all of the work for you. The person sent to clean your home will have excellent references and will be fully vetted.

Our freelance cleaners are knowledgeable about how to get your home sparkling clean. Imagine, once a week people will come in and mop, sweep, dust and do the other chores you request. When you get home after a busy day at work you will walk into the fresh smell of clean. You can relax with your family or prepare a special meal. You could even read a good book.

No matter how much or little you need done, Handy Home has a professional cleaner who can help you. Maybe you want the house cleaned once a week. Maybe you would rather your home be cleaned twice a month. Even if you want your home done daily, Handy Home has someone who will clean your house whenever you want it done.

No job is to big or small. Do you just want the den cleaned so that you can serve tea and muffins for your book club? Or do you need a deep cleaning with sheets ironed, curtains washed and carpets shampooed? We can handle that, too.

Handy Home Cleaning Services is equally good for their freelance cleaners. There is no more searching for clients. No more wondering if your new customer will pay you or not. You will not be doing a job that is miles from your desired area. At Handy Home Cleaning Services our cleaners view the job up front. Cleaners will see the area where the job is located. You will know how many rooms are to be cleaned.

You will also know the exact start time. No more guessing games or schedule interruptions. You will not have to miss your daughter’s school play or your son’s basketball game. If the start time, the area or the pay rate doesn’t suit your needs, you do not have to accept the job.

Handy on appstore has also made the money part of the transaction easy for both parties. Clients no longer have to leave cash in an envelope on the mantle. Handy Home has the client’s credit card on file. When the job is completed the money is taken from the credit card.

For cleaners, there is not the awkwardness of having to ask for your money. No more worries about whether the client will pay you or not. When you complete the job, simply tap the app on your smartphone and your money will be there. Your phone will become your bank!

Handy Home Cleaning Services makes cleaning easy.