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Tips for home Cleaning services

Cleaning your house in a fast and an efficient way is paramount. You should look for a cost effective and an easy method to get rid of dirt from various furniture sets and the flooring. If you do not have the skill-set, then you can hire a cleaning service. Therefore, you should be mindful to select a professional to get it done.

  • Swap out your soap

Suitable cleaning begins even before you pick up a scrub brush. Leave your flooring and shower wall shining by stocking the bath with vegetable oil based soaps and glycerin. These soaps are better than their predecessors tallow based soaps that would leave a white gummy layer crusted on walls, floors and counter tops.

  • Avoid disruptions

It is a common experience to find even professionals disrupted by what happens around them. If possible, switch off your phone and computer. Streamline your cleaning process. You can also put your mobile phone into a vibration mode so you can get in touch with anybody who tried to get you.

  • Start with an easy stuff

You might get discouraged when you begin with cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. Start with simple activities and low traffic rooms so that you can get motivated to handle complicated cleaning. Dependent on your household, the home office, dining room and the living room are some places you should start cleaning.

  • Get ready the required equipment

You should have cleaning detergents and scrub brushes. You also need to have protective clothes while you undertake the cleaning. You can obtain them from friends or purchase some from nearby retail outlets.

  • Hire a cleaning service

If you cannot do the cleaning, then hire a cleaning service. You should be careful to hire a professional who is licensed to offer these services like Handy. Get a price quotation and a list of all the items required. You will be able to plan financially for the undertaking.

About Handy
Handy is a cleaning company that operates in 25 cities in the US, two in Canada and also offers cleaning services in London. For most professionals you will find at Handy, the wage bill is average $18 but can be $20. The package gives you the power to decide for the hours and it is affordable.

  • Choose an appropriate cleaning time

You should plan your cleaning when there will be minimal disruptions in the house. Perhaps you shouldn’t do this during a rainy season. The rains may interfere with outdoor cleaning that may have been the better part of your entire cleaning. Keep a close watch over the weather patterns and plan for your cleaning.

Cleaning should be done thoroughly to avoid redoing the job every after a while. Perhaps you can hire a professional to get it done. Keep an eye on the weather patterns: avoid doing it during a rainy day.

Use Handy Home Cleaning Services to Clean Up After a Party

So you have a huge party. You invite everyone that you know to celebrate your birthday all night long. There are drinks flowing, people dancing, couples being expressive with each other all over your home and everyone is having a truly enjoyable experience amongst friends. This is the first party that you have ever thrown and you are relatively impressed with yourself.

At the party, you meet a beautiful girl that really suits you in every way one could possibly imagine. She has long legs, a smile brighter than floodlights and a face as lovely and beautiful as you’ve ever seen in your life. Now, it’s the morning and your home is a disaster area. You have one of two options: You could either clean the house now and ask her to assist you, which is probably the most unromantic thing you could ever think of doing in life, you could kick her out of your house, even though she is so beautiful that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Or, you could exercise a third option… hire a house cleaner from Handy.

Now, most house cleaners will want to interview you and don’t work on weekends or want a few days’ notice before you call them for job, but not Handy, Home Cleaning Services. With Handy, Home Cleaning Service App, you will have a housekeeper arrive within the hour to give your house the sparkling makeover that it deserves.

So, you make her breakfast. Pick up your smart phone, and order a housekeeper on Handy on facebook, Home Cleaning Service App without even having to speak to anyone. While you are making breakfast, the house cleaning lady comes and she makes your house spotless while you prepare to leave with your new friend to Starbucks where you can finally get to know each other.

You come back to your house because you left something that you need, she walks into your home and sees that like magic, your house is absolutely spotless. She thinks that you spent a few hundred dollars to have your house cleaned when really it only cost a tiny fraction of that. The house cleaner wins because they made a proper salary, you win because you pay less for more and since there is very little overhead cost for Handy, Home Cleaning Services, they pass their savings on to you, which is what you really want anyway right?

Let’s look at another scenario: your parents have always known you to be a sloppy kid. Messy room, never washes dishes, the works. Since your new job and your new life, you’ve really cleaned up your act and you want to show them exactly how much. You have an extensive wardrobe, a beautiful girlfriend, your compensation at work is extremely handsome, but your parents are in town. What is there to do?

You could invite your parents to your house to stay for the next few days. Now, seeing that you want to make a good impression, you could either run around like a slave clean your own home on your hands and knees while you’re attempting to prove to your parents that you are a big shot and that no one can tell you what you need to do in life because you are your own man, or you could order Handy, Home Cleaning Services and have your home professionally cleaned while you’re out getting groceries for your parents. You tell your parents to let the housekeeper in when she comes by. Your parents open the door for your housekeeper, she already knows what you want cleaned and she cleans it stovetop for you, then she leaves. You come back with your groceries and walk into your kitchen, with zero dishes in the sink and spotless counters. On your freshly cleaned range, you decide to cook your parents a meal, because you have gotten quite good at it. Your parents are happy, you’re happy, the cleaning lady is happy. Everyone wins.