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Fortieth Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon Has Bitter Lessons for the United States

The United States exit from the Vietnam War was supposed to be dignified but the final chapter of America’s involvement in the war still haunts American soldiers and policy makers. There has never been called a defeat of America forces. At the time of the end of the war with the fall of Saigon, all major military operations conducted by American forces had been terminated the year before. However, the chaotic image of the total collapse of the South Vietnamese government and military before the eyes of the world weighs heavily as a failed United States foreign policy of magnanimous proportions. The live television images and print photos of evacuating helicopters picking up refugees as well as American personal is still etched in the mind of a lot of Americans that remember that era. The further images of U.S. military aircraft being pushed off the decks of U.S. warships speaks to the futility of the war that many believed that American should have never entered in the first place. Fall of saigon A Bitter Pill Still For U.S.

Many question as to whether the United States ever learned its lesson from the Vietnam war o how to conduct a war and how to make functioning U.S. policy in a regime that is not organized nor functioning efficiently itself.
Mark Ahn is aware that a new generation may never have heard of the Fall of Saigon. If they were to ask any U.S. soldier from that era they would have gotten the meaning of the war first hand.